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Exclusive Billing
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Types of stretch potolkovNatyazhnoy ceiling can be installed in a few or one level. The ceiling in several levels of help to divide the room into different functional objects hide imperfections and defects in the usual ceiling, communication items, swings. The shape of this design can be very diverse, for example in combination with different geometric shapes, line, shape, curves, bent, etc. The variety of suspended ceilings are mostly species it faktur.Vidy suspended ceilings. Traditional texture: – Lacquer (partially mirrored, creating a spatial sense, visually increases the amount of premises). – Matt (imitates a high-quality plaster ceiling) for those who like a standard ceiling – satin (imitates a top-quality drywall, painted); Exclusive Billing: – Hi-Tech Metallic and for those who love technology solutions – Marble (imitation marble pattern in different shades) – Suede (an imitation of a natural element suede) – tree (an imitation of expensive wood species) – suspended ceiling with the effects of stellar sky. – Opal (texture with a high coefficient of diffusion of light, half-transparent, is applied when installing a ceiling wall) – count the ceiling, a new art technology to apply to any suspended ceiling painting or a photo, a couple of recommendations regarding the selection of ceilings for rooms! For old and rough ceiling suspended ceiling is the most suitable option to hide all the irregularities of the ceiling.

If you wish to leave old matt ceiling light type uses a white matte, or satin tape. In the construction in Sevastopol is used for the rooms, mostly dull light colors. Subtleties of glossy ceiling (lacquer film) extend the space and height. They are used for buildings with low ceilings. Well this looks like a glossy ceiling in the living room ceiling komnate.Dlya in the kitchen and bath rooms are ideal patent, because of their easy to wash or matte film (without roughness).

In addition, the kitchen and the bathroom is recommended to install the suspended ceiling, as the blade is made of PVC film, which is not affected by any moisture, and on the ceiling can not occur condensate. If your bathroom or kitchen room neighbors filled with water, then presentable your ceiling is almost not be affected because the film is no trace of the potential will not be abandoned. In the case of such a situation, one square meter ceiling can keep yourself on up to 100 gallons of water. PS The popularity of stretched ceiling in Western countries is so huge that no more or less prestigious private office or interiors can not be imagined without it. Also in Russia has recently seen the same situation. According to experts, in 2010, Moscow's leading companies set up to 1 square kilometer of stretch ceiling each month.

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October 23rd


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