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by Tam

Build a basic Web page is so easy that even today there are web pages in which entering about how much data can automatically generate you its own Website in day. But how much of this works if it is that its goal is to create a business and/or become known on the internet? The only thing that will be able to create one of these free Web pages full of advertising that you never ordered, is simply to say that you have a Website and spread the word to your friends about the path to your Web to make it at least visited a couple of times a month. That’s why, there are professionals such as designers and developers who are responsible for making the Internet an attractive business tool for the entrepreneur. For these reasons it is always recommended that when entering the net, need to count with the support of a creative design for your Web page and the indispensable web positioning. More than 81% of Internet traffic comes through search engines. A web site with a great design is not enough if it does not receive the required visits.

The goal of every Webmaster is out their website listed in search engines with key words that have to do with your business and at the same time be positioned in the first places for that search result. Keywords are phrases or words that are linked with the content of your Website and for which their potential customer contacting it. In the internet you can find attractive Web pages easy to navigate and position to guarantee optimal results from your investment. Most of their clients are thrilled with the excellent combination of colors, images and the distribution of easy access to each of its screens. Each web design is created from the client’s needs and focused on your target audience to achieve maximum of qualified traffic to your website.

Create campaigns online, as the banners and animations help this has more visits and therefore achieves the desired goal. Emails and notes from different parts of the world will arrive in your Inbox weekly asking for the service provided; Precisely that’s what design, and web development to create attractive sites that they invite the user to return and continue surfing with ease. Advantages: Low costs: is the way more economical and quick to become known internationally and put your business on the internet. Fast delivery: can be ready even in a week, depending on the amount of data that you want for your Web page. Costs generally vary according to the amount of pages and content to develop, but the estimated price of a traditional website is between $200-$ 800 and include web design, coding and installation. Design Web institutional are created to give your business presence on the Internet, but they have no objective be your main working tool or advertising medium. These sites are usually formed by few pages HTML, do not possess data base, and therefore does not need to be updated. Great websites are built thinking in its strong permanence on the Web, are generally quite extensive and sales-oriented, they contain at least 15 displays HTML, some of these include database and animations in flash. This type of web pages have an extra functionality by the amount of data that can be found, however, the more features you have your site, the hosting platform requirements may be higher.


April 5th


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