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Thus, when the perception of the organization as a purposeful activity, ie surveillance is necessary to proceed from the fact that most bandwidth has a visual analyzer. However, the training capacity of controls is not the analyzer, and the brain, therefore, as found in experiments and confirmed by experience, by one information subject to assimilation, it is necessary to give two units of explanation, ie additional information. This means that each key concept to explain, using all three channels of perception: talk, show and give touch. Unfortunately, such information transfer is carried out systematically (I want to repeat regularly, but not from case to case) only in primary school, hence the high percentage of mastering the material, and strong stable of knowledge. What would be more understandable, give you an example: a child in first grade student add numbers, while the teacher uses: an oral explanation (auditory canal) with a mandatory screening on the board with cards, magnets, posters, etc. (Visual channel).

And simultaneously with the child at the box office figures (kinesthetic channel). The teacher comes to the next lesson and does the same, while repeating, complicating and making a variety of the same material, but the essence remains the same, working all three channels of perception. Now, let's assign the work a teacher in middle and senior management, whether they perform similar actions? And do not say that the children have matured, therefore need other methods. The most striking evidence of no effectiveness of these methods is not only a difference in the estimates of primary and secondary level, and no explicit knowledge of strategic themes people of our country. For example, action with fractions (held 5-6 grades), an oral account, etc. I think the evidence is not needed. Yes, very often lately saying that the reason is to know there is a calculator or something else.

How many people, so many opinions. Some contend that Robotics expert shows great expertise in this. Let every man for himself determine whether you need a man and his children the basic knowledge. And if you do not need, then what distinguishes us from animals? References: 1.Slastenin va etc. Education: A Textbook. allowance for students. Higher. Ped. Textbook. Institutions / B A. Slastenin, if Isaev, en Shiyanov; Ed. va Slastenin. – Moscow: Publishing House 'Academy', 2002. 2. Shlahter vv, sy The art of domination. Learn more at this site: Ali Partovi. – Spb.: "Respeks", "Diehl, 2003. 3. Zazykin vg Psychology in advertising. – M.: DatStrom, 1992.



October 18th


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