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Construction Requirements
by Tam

4. Requirements for design bases, foundations and underground parts of tall buildings 4.1. This section provides basic guidance on organization, technology, construction and acceptance of works on the grounds of foundation and underground parts of multifunctional high-rise buildings and complexes with height above ground of more than 75 m. 4.2. Reliability and efficiency of the device of the foundations of tall buildings and structures shall be provided for by taking into account the specific natural, technological and design features of building construction and use of effective technologies for production work. 4.3. Prior to the commencement of works on the underground parts under construction high-rise building customer must execute and submit a contractor building the organization permit (order) on the production of relevant construction works.

4.4. The main construction works altitude of the object are allowed to proceed only after the removal of in-kind platform for its construction, the creation of center geodetic framework, the devices required fencing of the construction site, perform grading, work on the drainage device intrasite roads and utilities and perform other work in accordance with the recommendations of snip 1.12. 4.5. A geodesic framework for the construction stakeout high-altitude facility includes the construction of center network at the construction site and stake out the main or principal axes stakeout facilities as a system of fixed marks points defining the position of buildings on areas and ensuring the implementation of further construction and measurement in the construction process with the required accuracy. When you create a geodesic of center base and the performance of other surveying at construction of the facility should use the guidance snip 03/01/2003.



September 25th


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