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Center Setup
by Tam

Gateway test labs has qualified and experienced team for usability, functional, compliance, compatibility, and security testing. Gateway test labs has qualified and experienced team for usability, functional, compliance, compatibility, and security testing. We have focused groups for mobile app testing, test automation and performance testing, game testing. Gateway test labs offers services on the predictable and improved software quality to reach – critical budget and release-management aspects. We work for global clients as an extension of our own team use different local time zone and cost advantages. Our know-how and adaptive processes to ensure error detection in early stage reduces what rework for developers and QA to significant reduction in the cost of quality.

Our vision and values cost of quality is budget, schedule, the competitiveness of overhead and the impact significantly and cost of quality is as far as possible hidden service target. to reduce at the earliest. Clearly defined objectives and powers must, to our services and benefits from transparency and ROI aspects to monitor. Our service concept, concept, training, results are on a solid and proven basis of ISTQB, IEEE and ISO standard. We are responsible to reduce efforts and time to test spent and our customers more competitive in product cost and qualitative aspects. Short list of services: unit testing: as developers increase costs, they need new platforms and we have to learn technologies, unit level test, to be sure, each component is defect free.

Functional testing: after testing all components correctly, we also test integrated modules, end-to-end flows throughout the product / application. User experience testing: End ease of use and the industry compliance are decisive for the product / application acceptance and market growth. We test for these aspects of the user interface. Performance testing: Response time, memory – CPU utilization are crucial to the satisfaction of end users. We use open-source license and testing tools to the product / application on various platforms (Mac, MS-Windows, Android, Symbian, IOS), to ensure the performance. Test automation: Functional test automation with corresponding Automation framework and open source licensed tools to the acceptance, regression testing efforts and time saving. Visit for our services engagement models, case studies. Fact sheet: Capability: 110 + software quality information professionals – for platforms and technologies: iPhone 4, Silverlight domain exposure: independent test Center Setup for the leading ERP provider in the EU online payment gateway test for the client-US – Test Center for online business directory on EU – managing development teams in 5 different time zones performance testing for email dispatcher with load of 30 million emails usability tests for survey product on iPhone, iPad and Android platforms used technology Exposure: Council of Europe for Microsoft technologies and solutions (SharePoint and CRM), mobile, games and open source based solutions for more information: gateway TechnoLabs: B / 81, corporate House, judges bungalow road, Bodak dev, Ahmedabad – 380054, India phone: + 91 79 2685 2554 / 55 / 56 e-mail: website: &

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May 10th


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