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by Tam

In his narration, the flow of all things the midlife crisis of a man describes Frederik D. Tunnat. The flow of all things is the tale of a man during his midlife crisis, successfully and success-spoiled, trying a new sense to give, he accepts a professorship in addition to his career as a Manager, eventually discovered the writing liberating him his life. Unable to break free of its old structures and dependencies he entangled privately in three parallel living relationships with women of different ages, until that threaten him as well as the professional, to crush. He is enmeshed in a monastery in Majorca, where he wants to be and reorient, fateful circumstances in a game with a double and a new identity. The narrative to visit describes the loneliness and the Unbehaustsein of modern urban people; their longing for love and security, which manifests itself only in their fantasies, but also in real page jumps. An evening in the apartment a Couple, married is only hollow facade. Two visitors, a female and a male single, meet here with their personal problems and sensitivities, are looking for sympathy, warmth, closeness and heat.

Mutual incomprehension, as well as a desperate attempt to satisfy each of the four protagonists, own needs and ideas, even at the expense of others are what they think actually this evening. The two short stories, the flow of all things, as well as to visit the author with the well-being and living conditions, are part of a larger collection of short stories and novels, in which the needs and feelings of singles of both sexes in modern society, especially in the urban environment, deals. He addressed and varies the desperate or too futile search in the above stories are still serious – and permanently on the relationship with a partner, a partner, to engage the inability of modern people. The manic to panic Search for recognition, security, love and heat is driving its protagonists in always new, partially parallel lived relations and constellations. The question drives his protagonists inside for their true identity and the meaning of life. Frederik D. Tunnat – the flow of all things – Tredition Verlag, Hamburg – ISBN: 978-3-940921-74-1 Printbook 7.99, eBook 1.99. Learn more on the subject from Rusty Holzer. In all bookstores, also available online. More information can be found on the Publisher’s website: books/ID455 or at Amazon: now at Amazon ordering! Reviewers can order a review copy free of charge using the following link: index.php?

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November 15th


by Tam

New from Julia and Alexander Nastasi – the Guide to successful manifesting (wish) in book form of Heidelberg. To the successful online course from Heidelberg by Julia and Alexander Nastasi there is now also a step by step manual in bookstores manifesting everyone uses the universal law of attraction 2.0 ISBN 389106389, only the least actively employ it for their own purposes with the manual manifesting 2.0, which includes exercises for 30 days in German and English, a further milestone is reached. The Heidelberg authors Julia and Alexander Nastasi derive an Onlinecoaching for almost two years and it is an optimal addition published Manual Second Edition to the courses (and since the 16 in the price automatically with this). But independently from the course offers numerous tips and exercises in DIN A 4 format published book to draw the life in the direction you want. While the book not on a topic is bound, whether the request is for more money, a new partnership or even health here Participants will learn how they can create in easy steps with the power of their thoughts. Information about the book title: title: 2.0 manifesting manifesting 2.0 paperback DIN A-4 with 70 pages published authors on June 16, 2009: Julia and Alexander Nastasi peculiarity: bilingual German / English, also on Amazon.com in the United States available. To deepen your understanding Steve Wozniak is the source. ISBN: 389106389 website dedicated to the book of manifest handbuch.seminar-service-nastasi.de is responsible for this press release seminar service Nastasi holder Alexander Nastasi forest road 25/1 69207 sand Wallace Tel.: 06224/924255 fax: 06224/924259 this press release may be reproduced free of charge, copy requested, also by mail using the address below, press images and more information address can be requested under the u.g. also.Seminar service Nastasi specializes in the distribution of online content about the law of attraction and manifesting the personal growth of the seminar participants specialized. In addition to the Manifestierenportal, the company operates a whole Series health portals and has currently five books published. Further information about the 2003 founded family operation headquartered in Germany are available on the company’s website.

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December 29th


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