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Bad Habits For Data Warehousing
by Tam

To some it may seem strange that in this article some of the common habit of database administrators are defined as "harmful." However, given the critical nature of most of the data and possible damage to which can lead to loss or damage, it is easy to understand, such habits are really dangerous. Unfortunately, they are quite common among database administrators, but fortunately, by following certain rules, they are You can get rid of. It's like when quitting smoking, most importantly take the first step, acknowledging the very existence of the problem, and then follow inexorably towards its goal. The following are the most dangerous habits, are some Rules for abandoning them. Samsung Electronics can provide more clarity in the matter. "We believe in the backup" Blind faith – it's convenient, but not when it comes to backup the database.

Trust can only be a backup after the database was successfully from it restored. Rules: Test your backups in several ways. Do not trust one testu.Sozdavayte copy backups. Administrators should always use at least two backup methods. For example, create a backup copy on disk, and then save a copy on tape, in addition make a backup of AI-arhivov.Proveryayte backups.

Restore the backup and rolled on her AI-files for day, it proves that the backup files, and AI-not povrezhdeny.Testiruyte recovery process as often as possible. One of the signs that the busy administrator, or his priorities wrong display is that during the quarter there was a test restore. Testing the recovery process will confirm that your backup strategy and restore true, or to identify deficiencies that need to be correct.

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August 2nd


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