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Adam Humanity
by Tam

The humanity would have for God in a witness stand, and thus to make a judgment of this God? The humanity is certain in questioning the existence and the performance of this God in the history of the man? He would be God incapable to decide the problems and mazelas of this decayed society, and that in putrefao state it walks for the end, destroying ones to the others each day with more voracity and fury? God and the relationship with the men If to analyze all the history of the humanity, in its sufferings and the adversities suffered with the lenses of the men we would have to agree that God if made absentee. But the correct one is to analyze the man for the lens of God, goes there surprising in them at the result, therefore of beforehand &#039 declares the Holy Writs; ' of that the living man complains, complains if each one of its proper pecados' ' Lm 3:39. God never was inert during the history of the humanity, it always interviu. The human sufferings had not been caused by the absence of God in the life of the man, but for the absence of the man in becoming related with God, some could allege lack of knowledge of God, but ahead of what they display the Bible they are inexcusable: ' ' Inasmuch as what of God if he can know in them if manifest, because God revealed it to it. Because its invisible things, since the creation of the world, as much its perpetual one to be able, as its deity, if they understand, and they clearly see for the things that are servants, so that they are inescusveis' ' Rm 1:19 – 20. It does not fit to the man to question the designs of God, when these same run away from God the similarity of Adam, who after to disobey if hid when he looked it to God.



November 16th


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