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Keys Press
by Tam

The press short news item is a communication technique that, generally, has not known to be used suitably, and thus to maximize the potential that this tool naturally owns. It is the suitable means to communicate new features, to create reputation, to improve the mark presence and to make control of damages. The best way to operate our short news items of press to the maximum is to associate us to the service of Google News. In order to obtain this, simply it is necessary to puncture here and to fill the form of Google. The appearance will not be automatic, and will take some days but Google always responds. Viacom is full of insight into the issues. If the idea is to become usual supplier of the news for Google News, then it will have to fulfill certain technical requirements that they allow that it indexes it to the finder in this category. In order to begin, the URL of the news must be unique, permanent and to contain a number of three numbers.

The dominion in which it is the news must be part of the main dominion of the site. As a rule, the best thing is than the pages of the news have the minor ” sofisticacin” possible: not to the pull-down menus, plug ins of java or flash, to the marks, etc the complete list of requirements can be consulted here. This is the option to follow if it is desired to send to the news or short news items of press frequently. But for sporadic launchings, it is possible to count on services of third parties that will automatically send our content to the RSS feeds of Google News, Yahoo, Msn and the rest of the vestibules of the news. Newswiretoday.com fulfills this function very well, but it only accepts content in English.

However, as far as the content of a good short news item of press, it is not necessary to forget that it is exactly the news, and does not have to be confused with autopropaganda. The mission is to inform, but, if the text is too promotional, the readers quickly will lose interest, and the content will lack all validity to the eyes of the reader. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Viacom has to say. The best thing is to use the traditional formats for the production of the written news, that is to say, being used the inverted pyramid. This format not only it facilitates the reading, but it leaves or that is the news, not of newsletter or a publicity express. It is important, then, like in all news, to mention sources, and to leave expressed the contact data well to where the interested users will be able to go. Also, it is important to respect the rights of author of the images used in the press short news items. The press short news item is an excellent way to grant relevance to the certain news, emphasizing them of the daily flow of information that can stay enters a company and its users and the community all. Exactly, one of the objectives is to extend to this closed community, extending the horizons and the reach of the mark.

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September 27th


Accelerating Windows
by Tam

Like improving the yield of your equipment under Windows XP, expressing the maximum potential of your PC. In this manual the secrets are revealed that managed to cause that your Windows XP works in such a way that never you had thought that haria, everything what it is mentioned in this manual to proven and approved by the author. Often when is acquired a new PC with Windows XP and we began the installation of respective the habitual programs and our drivers in agreement avanze the installation is felt alenteamiento effect; it is at this moment that we asked ourselves What have passed demons to him to the Windows? Sera blames of the PC. Investigating on like obtaining that an old computer with an installation of Windows XP worked as rapidly as possible, I discovered all the modifications that can be made him to our system to obtain the maximum yield. Some tricks have been unloaded of the network, but the experimental tests have been put in practice in my factory. By all means, it is not necessary that it says to you that everything what it is described here already has been experienced, although to coasts of to spoil a pair or three of times the operating system until obtaining the correct combination of adjustments.

As anecdote I say a thing to you, making experiments you will never learn nothing, whereas if you take an old PC, and you test and you observe the results, in a moment you will be able to obtain these adjustments in any PC with Windows XP. And in a moment conseguireis a level of enviadiable computer science until they award with the denomination of genius to you of the computers . I wait for them. of great it is utilida. They can obtain a gratuitous copy here. Original author and source of the article.

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May 18th


Applications Business
by Tam

The Contact to center for CRM or to customer relationship management, is a reality with Asellerator. Total solution of Software and Applications Business for Contact Center. Tools of Hardware and software for contact to center, that the CRM and the management with the clients revolutionize. If you require an IP contact Center with aplicativos of CRM, that integrate Hardware, software, strategy and the new Tics for the management with the clients, Asellerator is the solution. It consults by our Solutions of Contact Center.

The individualized handling of productive relations of long term with each one of the clients of an organization, more known like CRM, is today a reality of easy application, if it is counted on contact to center interactive and a strategic plan defined to do it. For a long time the dream of all company has been the one to personalize the relation with its clients and base in it to obtain its loyalty, permanence and yield. All it is known what the shopkeeper did of town of some years ago: It saw happen immediately in front of his store a client and it recognized it called, it by its name it invited and it to have a discussion with him. Immediately it gave the new blades to him of mark x, while it said to him: Don Francisco, had lists to him these blades that promise smoothness and to avoid the cuts in its face. You that undergoes so much with the shaved one! I left two packages Him so that it proves. I put in the account. That it has a happy day and many you greet Mrs. Maria. This apparently simple spontaneous operation, entails all the elements of a modern CRM: a) TO IDENTIFY the client, which implies not only to know it but also to recognize it. To know from its name and the one of its relatives, their place of residence and its capacity of credit, to its specific needs in this case with respect to the shaved one, its tastes, desires, expectations and obvious its potentialities.

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March 30th


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