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EPCII Embedded
by Tam

BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) – innovative measurement Maisach/Munich – BMC messsysteme GmbH, manufacturer of instrumentation and PC technology, introduces the second generation of its product range in the field of embedded PCs with the ePCII series, which is based on highly integrated, powerful ETX technology. Go to Samsung for more information. Connect with other leaders such as Pete Cashmore here. It’s like in the movie: for a second sequence to be successful, she must offer new and better, but must not lose its essential characteristics. On this aspect the BMC messsysteme GmbH has put (bmcm) ePCII great value at the next generation as industrial PC or datalogger. By integrating a LX800 CPU in the ETX standard (embedded technology eXtended) the processor performance of new devices has been doubled (500 MHz) at a still very low power consumption (approx. 10W). In addition the extremely compact design in robust aluminium housing could be maintained: 110 mm in width and height and 210 mm length can easily accommodate the ePCII devices even in confined spaces.

New is also the extended temperature range of-25 C up to + 85 C, a very important aspect that is often neglected by manufacturers and often leads to problems. Especially for use in industrial environments and in-vehicle tests, extreme temperatures can be reached quickly. Should this still be exceeded, a continuous temperature monitoring ensures the automatic shutdown to protect of the equipment. EPCII systems as industrial PC ePCII-QUAD, a modular, very compact embedded PC, or as a data logger ePCII LOG for measurement applications are available. The ability to transfer data via CAN, makes the device particularly for the automotive sector. The CAN – interface (4 x c) is already integrated in the ePCII LOG, the ePCII QUAD can be extended with a special PC/104 interface card. A key advantage is the use of CompactFlash cards for data storage with high memory depth (max. 2GB). With this at any time removable storage medium uniform configurations and metrics can easily be transferred to other systems.

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July 27th


PASS Mediatechnology
by Tam

This year’s police fair IPOMEX in Munster at the PASS Medientechnik GmbH has for the first time involved was a resounding success in Munster. This year’s police fair IPOMEX in Munster at the PASS Medientechnik GmbH has for the first time involved was a resounding success. Over 3000 visitors informed themselves about news for police and rescue workers. At our booth we were several innovations presents: the new GlocK audio LSA 2011 LW – a portable high-performance speaker system in ultra compact array design, which was developed especially for the speech in the police operation. With a capacity of up to 136dB at under 6 kg weight, it was particularly of the hundreds of police gelob.

Finally a loudspeaker with the one against the Ultras arrives”. The AC battery power of the LSA 2011 LW allows the use in any terrain. Excellent voice transmission on medium distances is the system with his performance by far one of the most powerful systems in the world market. The versatile accessories make the system one of the most flexible solutions in his area. Our high-performance loudspeakers are designed for voice communications over long distances and serve within the framework of evacuation operations and rescue operations in the direct conduct effective work a voice messages to target groups (crowds) over long distances. Typical areas of use are: command control at disaster sites, impact on civil disorders greater fire and hostage scenarios, rescue and search operations, evacuation of security-sensitive terrain, psychological impact, flight operations area security, training on large surfaces.

As a further innovation, the ultimate mobile translation system, the Phraselator was”P2, created by Voxtec, a language translator which can emit a spoken sentences in different languages shown. Developed for the US military, he has supported tactical and humanitarian needs in the Iraq, Afghanistan and Southeast Asia. Now finally one is German version available. Through a variety of language modules of P2 is used at the police station, in the emergency medical services or in prison. The Phraselator has a vocabulary of several thousand phrases, for example: “Are you in pain?” or “You take medication?” Is controlled either by selecting and entering per stick, or via voice command. This will load the relevant phrase from the store, the speech in the language of your choice via built-in speakers. The P2 consists of a hardened polymer housing with shock-absorbing assembled printed circuit boards. Large icons offer comfort for use with gloved hands. The P2 is executed in IP54, not only the most robust, but also one of the most versatile translators on the market. Our products encountered great interest for many visitors. Within the framework of the very well-attended Conference KRIFA, various interested parties on our stand flocked to see our products.

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October 7th


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