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Seville Council
by Tam

The Seville Council has launched a new application, which is designed to make it easier to stay in Seville under the name of Feria de Abril, those who visit the fair.The Feria de Abril in your phone this will be held from 24 to 29 of this month. Our hotels in Seville, Monte Triana and Monte Carmelo, are strategically located in the city to enjoy this universal holiday, being this last one the closest hotel in Sevilla at the reciento fair. With this application available for the iPhone platform, Android and Blackberry are may access the location of the different booths and services as well as have access to the information of the bullfighting events that are held at the plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballeria de Sevilla. The application also allows to know the history and characteristics of one of the most universal celebrations and have the municipal information on an ongoing basis during the week of the fair, through the section of News, associated with a twitter account, where you realize accomplished on traffic, weather and the most representative events. The fair of April of 2012 will begin Tuesday, May 24 at 00.00 hours on the test of the lighting and ending Sunday 29 at 24.00 hours with the release of fireworks. The April fair application is a free download from the marketplace for applications from each of the platforms..

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June 14th


by Tam

Thus, to design works include a wide range of results of human creativity, from art works, and ending only applied, for example, such as the appearance of the unit, bus, car or even a brick works design concept is often confused with the concept of industrial design. Law "On Patents for inventions, utility models and industrial designs" understood by the industrial design art or art-design solution for the object that determines its appearance, and under such a product refers to the subject of an industrial or handicraft production. Criteria of industrial design products are a novelty (the uncertainty in the world before the date of filing a patent application for industrial design) and originality, that is creative features of the product. Industrial designs can be attributed almost all the objects around us: computers, clothing, furniture sets, tableware, lamps, chandeliers, shopping and bus shelters as a small architectural forms, all kinds of building construction, interior as an architectural and decorating the room, the appearance of tractors, gas stoves etc. Noting that, considered in this article, concepts close in meaning, let us consider that the world has gone to practice ways to protect product designs as industrial property. Such protection implies a document of title – a design patent. The legislation also seeks to simplify procedures for issuance of patent for industrial design services.

Evidence can be found by resorting to legal services – in the new Patent Law, which repeals the examination on the merits. The patent for design is issued under the sole responsibility of the applicant, and the time of its receipt declined significantly from 2 years to 2-3 months. This patent is currently a dostatotchno easily.

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February 19th


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