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100th Member Of The Hechingen Wirtschaftsforderung
by Tam

‘Independent advice is the market of the future in the construction sector’ 100th member of the city marketing Hechingen Association photo: from left to right: Dietmar Merz, Andreas roud, Viktor Roud, Rolf Ege on Monday the city marketing Hechingen Association could record his 100th member with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine in your circle and honor. The company of iQHausbau GmbH was visited by Dietmar Merz, Chairman, Rolf Ege 2. Chairman and the SMH CEO Philipp Fechter. It was very gratifying”, according to Merz, the still very young Club may record his 100th member after 4 months. Also Rolf Ege teamed up with congratulatory wishes and thanked activated the two managing directors, Andreas and Viktor Roud, for membership in the Association, as well as for participating in the artisan Park at the Schlossplatz at Hechingen, on May 16, 2010. The employees of the company of iQHausbau GmbH regard themselves as independent consultants to the construction of single and multi-family buildings, but also a consultant prior to the construction of industrial and commercial buildings.

You help no extra cost for the Builder, construction complying difficult choosing the right contractors. “The business philosophy is: independence is what counts.” In the foreground are the individual needs and wishes of the construction prospects to develop a customized house building concept? iQ Hausbau GmbH employs 7 people in the Stillfriedstrasse in Hechingen, and also helps in the search for the appropriate property. Taking into account all funding opportunities, the builders get their independent approach to funding. We are also in the area of refurbishment, renovation and modernisation with help and advice. iQ Hausbau GmbH author: City Marketing Association Hechingen 72379 Hechingen-Tel appeared in the Hohenzollerischen newspaper Stillfriedstr. 5-9: 07471-960 120 fax: 07471-960 1226 Web: email:



April 19th


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