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Internet Through Photobanks
by Tam

You are a photographer, illustrator or trideshnik, you have the opportunity to sell their drawings over the Internet, through microstock (a type of photo banks). Microstock – the agency, which mediate between photographer and designer, containing millions of graphic works database to help designers easily find the photo or drawing to him. Originally photobanks appeared very long ago, they were placed in clip art and reportage pictures of very high prices and use the services could only large advertising agencies and newspapers / magazines. Later came mikropeymentnye photobanks in which prices have become much more loyal customers and has been in times more – hence the name microstock. The designer pays a license to use your work in your project (Royalty free license) photo bank takes a commission, the remaining amount adds to your balance.

Sell one image can be an unlimited number of times, because license meant by a limited use of the image. Nothing mashiet you sell your photos in several microstocks. Check with Andy Florance to learn more. After earning a minimum amount for withdrawal (normally $ 100) you will be able to withdraw it, the output is through the payment system moneybookers, webmoney similar, only being in England, and from there to transfer money to or plastic card (Visa from 'classic' and above) or to your bank account. For more information on working with photobanks, to find descriptions of the most major of them are worth working on our website – photo bank. The forum site as you can to participate in discussions and ask for advice about passing the exams for those photobanks where it is required. Now microstock photography is a major source of illustrative material in virtually all the world, including in Russia. This means that in addition to earning you will have the opportunity to see the use of their photos in the most unexpected places, not only on the Internet, but also on the street.

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January 22nd


by Tam

File sharing, in this case it will DepozitFayls. So explain the essence. The bottom line is that you’ll be forced to download a file from the deposit, thereby earning the coin. Dermot McCormack may not feel the same. How to force download the file? Yes, easily for this and want to contest! Let me explain by example: In which a resource (my preferred) to create a theme. It supposedly writing a contest, who will answer the question gets $ 10 (for example). What is the trick you ask … And the fact that question will be drawn in the picture is larger than 1 megabyte (credited to deposit its downloads), which in turn will be filled on file sharing (in this case the deposit).

A link to this image and will be subject to the Forum! Imagine the scene: come to your site and sees a man that is in the likeness of ‘ATTENTION, COMPETITION! PRIZE $ 10). This man naturally look for that contest. Go down, see what you need to answer a question, click on the link to the question download a picture, look at the issue, and … … Will not be able to answer. more in-depth analysis.

Why? That is why the issue needs to be done oooooochen complicated! It is better to do a puzzle, so for the 1,000 people who want to participate you will get $ 3! If the question is do VERY complicated, when you visit more than 1,000 people a day in your life, the answer is there is no earlier than two months, and even if it exists, will pay! After all, profits will be much more! The main and the only condition for participation in game will be the definition of the main page of your site as user home page, which will increase the number of your unique visitors per day. More Unico per day – more advertising.

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December 30th


Ms Office
by Tam

Exactly Small and medium-sized businesses often require automation of the most effective management and as a result of cost reduction and profit growth. The company "Ofis24" offers "Automate activities of sales representatives "without the initial financial and time investment. When connected to an already configured for the activities of your company's system, you start working in it. The service is intended primarily turn to companies engaged in wholesale deliveries of goods in retail trade tochki.Avtomatizatsiya Mobile can help your business: Almost without initial investments to log in and begin work Making an agent to accept applications in a shop, but not from home by telephone sales representatives control the routes and time of their arrival in the trade tochkiSdelat so that sales representatives have seen the real state storage, while "in the" Monitor receivables outlets at the time of receipt of applications reduce the transfer time data from price lists and orders on paper forms into your system and shipping department Get access to comprehensive customer information anywhere and at any time, we offer ready-made automated control system for mobile commerce, which consists of two main parts: server and mobile, without the initial investment for the purchase, installation and maintenance of the technical component – the server side, just provide your company such as software products: 1C, Ms office, and others on a "business processes in rent. For more specific information, check out Pete Cashmore. " Mobile part of the work on hand-held computers (PDAs) and is intended for use by sales representatives. The server side runs on an industrial the company's server "Ofis24." Your company without the cost of technical implementation is fully connected to the final IT infrastructure. You get a comprehensive service, which allows: Server part: Minimize costs of acquiring, configuring and maintaining server hardware to use the program (1C, Ms Office, etc.) on a "business application to rent" minimize the cost of the license 1C, Ms offise etc. programmPodklyuchitsya to the ready IT infrastuktureRabotat with a single base of information to store information kopirovaniemBezopasnost backup data with encryption mobile part: to automate the collection of bids for the supply of goods automate the sale of goods from warehouses to automate the collection of mobile merchandising information, biographical data and photos dealer own history and plan of sales for the counterparty, which helps form to the best Pocket PC application and using the GPRS communication channel to send her to an enterprise system to form on the PDA any reports in HTML to control the work of sales agents to reduce the use of GPRS number of operators on the list in the office to print original documents to the printer integrated with 1C without changing the basic configuration.

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June 15th


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