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How to Get a Raise
by Tam

Many employees do not care too much about their bosses or supervisors. It is a trait common to all. Most feel as though the boss knows nothing, has a superiority complex, is arrogant, is unapproachable, expects too much and pay too little. Are you moving your head? Having said all that, what are you doing to improve the situation? You see the boss or supervisor does not get where he or she is being a total idiot. Ah, you can almost hear some people say, "Yes, but you do not know the boss of me!" Let's be a little harsh reality. Your boss or supervisor, for whatever reason, has risen to a position that is likely to aspire.

Must have at least some endearing qualities. Sure, it's likely to have faults too. You do it. And I Hey! We all have flaws. I know there will be some people who will roll their eyes and thinking, "Yes, but …" Yes, but what? What if your manager is the CEO of ungrateful, lazy son or daughter whose greatest claim to fame is nepotism. You do not have to work there. Maybe yes.

Why not do something useful? Why not make the person look good? The general director will know where the results are coming. The CEO knows everything. For this reason, he or she is the director general. So, having cleared that path, how to get in line for a raise or promotion of leadership? Before you begin, here's a tip right up front.



May 29th


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