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Copacabana High
by Tam

Movement that still gains more force on account of the visual aspect of the text, in which some words ece of fishes a little next to the right edge of the page, beyond the variation between short and long verses, makes with that the poem also has visually similarity with the waves sea. Valley to say, finally, that the words ' ' soltas' ' , in ' ' Copacabana' ' , they not only serve to a visual end, therefore they also exerted one strong rhythmic influence inside of the text, forcing some pauses in the flow of the reading. It follows below the poem: Copacabana High water of thighs suggestion of for the humid ones in green-sea-blue the sexos is spilled in the sand (shells) pierces the waves (seios) lowers palpitam the cool open thighs Inside the sea sings them Plant the white foam of the love and cools. (Max Martins, Anti-Picture) Another poem example with fort I appeal appearance is ' ' Subject A' '. Such poem is emblematic in such a way for the book how much for aesthetic of Max Martins, therefore it anticipates sufficiently of the ways that the poet will take after Anti-Picture, and this not only of the point of view of the poetical techniques, but also of the thematic point of view: the triad ' ' sex-nature-poesia' ' , that we point in the previous topic as something still insipiente, seems to really gain form consistent? conscientious e? in this poem. Making a small comparison, we would say that this triad is still an embryo in the Stranger, but that in Anti-Picture already he is a beautiful baby, the favourite son, whose birth is symbolized by ' ' A&#039 subject; '. Such importance can be found same in the heading of the poem, in which the poet detaches its main subject, ' ' A' ' , on which it will work and construct to variations throughout all its workmanship. .



February 16th


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