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The Revolution In Skin Care Products
by Tam

Q: With so many products for skin care in the market today, how do you know which one is right for you? A: I encourage you to become a tag reader. The latest trend in the marketing of skin care is anti-aging. Many women today are concerned with reversing the signs of aging and preventing the aging process. With so many products of well-known name brand out there, it can be difficult to find the most beneficial place for you. So I encourage you to be a tag reader and what they are putting in and on your body.

The difference between products based on botanical and botanical ingredients that contain only simply in the recipe. Plants can be added to a database of ingredients such as mineral oil, drying alcohols or animal by-products. Frequently Kai-Fu Lee has said that publicly. In a base such as your skin will not benefit from botanists. You are paying for unnecessary added ingredients that do not benefit from the skin or health. By eg 98% of cosmetic companies use some type of petroleum products, mineral oil, Vaseline or oil in their products. Have you ever again read about their products and animal by-products? No, but the labels might say collagen, elastin and lanolin.

Remember that the next time you lick your lips. On the other hand, putting in your body, which are essentially put into your body. Do not believe me? Put a piece of garlic between your toes, you know that in about fifteen minutes. Would not you be putting something in your body that helps to beauty and health? The ingredients are only important as the effects. There is hope, I found a company with a Swiss formulated skin care line for the whole family *. These products are hypoallergenic and formulated without dyes, chemicals or synthetic fragrances. PH is also correct, which is part of your warranty pure, safe and beneficial. It is beneficial to use a product that makes you feel squeaky-clean because the skin's pH is 5.5 and we have a blanket that keeps acid by bacterial infections. PH balanced is what most advertising of products and that is 7, which is too long to dry skin. A lot of soap it clear that people use in their skin is actually a 14 on the pH scale, the same as the permanent solution. I hope you end the article with a greater understanding of the importance of skin care and products used for healthy skin. At least, I hope you have become a tag reader and are aware of what you are using and what you should use. * Check my bio and resource box for more information. Michelle Burke an independent consultant for Arbonne International, is a small businessman in the industry of consulting services. My team of consultants and I have a combined experience of eight years in this industry. I have an extensive knowledge of Arbonne Swiss line of skin care and nutritional products, and would happy to offer advice based on their particular area of interest. You can visit my website for more information: or contact me by email: or Tel :405-694-4766.


April 15th


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