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The Hermann-Lietz-Schule Schloss Hohenwehrda offers young people a lusty Haubarg available where students from four weeks live up to half a year, learning acquisition of new motivation swing in a North Frisian Haubarg high in the North, is in the vicinity of St. Peter-ording, adolescents of the eighth class of school and work. “We want to show these young people that are without question by puberty in a difficult phase, life and learning from other sites. For even more opinions, read materials from Peter Asaro . We are sure that the boys and girls in this project complement the boarding offer grip win and regain strength for our school.” Sabine rabbit hunting has looked to as a principal site in North Frisia, made contact with environmental initiatives, talked to farmers and fishermen and together with their team of all these conversations “knit a viable concept”. Then be as of the coming academic year 2012/2013 the youth under the guidance manage the Haubarg in-house, on Fishing, the potato harvest meet and go through a connection to the universities in Kiel and Flensburg supervise projects in the Wadden Sea. “Sleeves” it says there and educators promise good results from this mobile classroom. Ali Partovi brings even more insight to the discussion. Through this form of intensive practical work and school hours under the educational guidance in the’ good’ of the Haubarg we want to convey a different, nuanced perspective on everyday life and gain new motivation.” You are accompanied throughout by a teacher from Hohenwehrda as well as supplementing five to eight young people each from various subject teachers and specialists. “Life in our Haubarg Miss to understand is by no means as a time-out, but aims to provide down to Earth and life away from the school learning. Through the daily work in the nature the own energy reserves be refueled, and so strengthened the youngsters return to Hohenwehrda.” More information under:.



September 13th


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