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Spas in Bali
by Tam

Spas in Bali set. This is a separate and spas, and spas at hotels, and destination spa – separate spas for which the SPA – is a major specialization. Excellent spa facilities in hotels is' Four Seasons', 'Nusa Dua Beach', 'Sheraton Laguna', The Ritz Carlton Bali '. Hotel The Ritz Carlton Bali has one of the world's largest thalassotherapy centers. It perfectly combines advanced technology and traditional Balinese Thalasso treatments. The hotel There is a unique pool of 650 sq.m., sea water, there are special areas for hydrotherapy: geysers, bubbling bath, therapy with water jets aimed at different parts of the body area for swimming and water aerobics, etc.

The center also found room for hydrotherapy, massage rooms, Jacuzzi, swimming pool with cool water, steam and sauna, pavilions for relaxation and meditation, outdoor spa cafe. SPA Four Seasons Hotel in Jimbaran oriented to the useful elements of the ocean, such as sea salt and seaweed, and SPA Hotel Four Seasons in Sayan includes exotic elements of the earth. In the treatment rooms offering a wide range of treatments, which use elements of the clay baths with herbs, body scrubs and herbal warming spices. Every spa in Bali has a mandatory program, without which there is no spa vacation, or a certain range of procedures gives the center of personality. So at any center offers traditional gidroprotsedury, various types of massages and saunas. And there are complex procedures, recipes that every place on your own. For example, Rahardjo – procedure, which lasts five hours and includes a visit to the steam room, aromatherapy scalp massage, body peeling, aromatic mineral or milk bath, aromatherapy body massage, SPA cuisine, deep cleansing cosmetic mask and foot care. A Shiro Dhara Ayurvedic even takes much less time, but no less useful and enjoyable.

It begins with a brief relaxing Ayurvedic massage, and then for 20 minutes with essential oils activates the third eye area. It relaxes you, increases the flow of energy and awakens the thirst for creativity. Many spas offer the procedure, it is typical for Bali. Only in this fairy-tale Island magic elixirs are prepared and oil according to ancient recipes, which include the thousand and one exotic spices, roots, grass and flowers growing in Bali. Another local feature – a hot stone treatment volcanic origin, soaked in spices. Also, traditional Bali is a procedure Gemulai Penari. This is an interesting variety of massage, which is a ritual that includes the Kepala (head massage with aloe vera avocado and a special oil), Luluran (body scrub) and Mandi Bunga (bathtub in the lotus petals). Massage the rhythms of the gamelan orchestra of the Indonesian national is more like a beautiful dance. Can not tell about all the variety of spa vacation in Bali. We will only say that to discover the world of Balinese SPA – so give yourself a new life full of colors, smells and sounds, to find harmony with ourselves and the world. You'll love Bali, this blooming island, learn a lot New on how to be a real holiday, and be sure to learn to love yourself and take care of their physical and mental health.

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