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Teaching Results
by Tam

It is necessary that the teacher knows how to handle properly the Internet, the classroom virtual, and all those workshops, brainstorming methods, which lead to motivate your participants to empathize with the skills being taught, keep alive the dialogue that has been lost, where. sometimes abuse the formal authority of power of the teacher, greatly harms the openness to dialogue. Classrooms must be real workshops that facilitate the analysis of the reality of the subjects taught and shared, where research is expressed and gives rise to results that justify the investment of time given in each class is taught . Since the blackboard, chalk, are not the instrument to be used in traditional classrooms, they should already be integrated into modern audiovisual media, which give way to more participatory classes. We share what we said Carlos Mora V. (2001) that the teacher, now more than ever, must know how to use motivational incentives give way to bring out the incentive that we all bring and lead to not only produce results that favor the encouraged but to everyone. This requires the teacher self-assessment, identify motivational stimuli are using through their teaching, how these stimuli has led to the student be motivated, encouraged and lead the class, learning reach academic excellence.

The teacher should also have a self of its weaknesses, strengths in their methodology, in the way outlined his ideas, knowledge and above all, as an incentive to students, something that is easily determined with the results, the prevailing motivational climate the course. It is necessary according to the personality, behavior, behavior of participants, to determine what should be the methodology to follow, how to communicate motivational stimuli which will generate positive incentives in student interest in learning, productivity. We insist on mentioning that the modern Teaching has definitely know how to use properly the motivational stimuli this application, especially when the media backed the demands of the knowledge society provide new stimuli, which helps manage saberseles positively towards the stimulation of the participant. Specifically it is a fact that the universities to ensure academic excellence should examine how they are demonstrating their role in promoting their teachers and all changes necessary to know the teacher to integrate productively with its participants, otherwise the results will be very negative.

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June 14th


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