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Brand Launches New Collection
by Tam

The label of many celebrities “SMET” is back with new styles and creations. Long, there was nothing to report new, of the fashion label, which itself absorbed many celebrities. The speech is Smet, which comes from the States, from Loa Angeles and also here on land by many German stars & starlets loved SMET is back! With this slogan, Germany’s official Ed Hardy Shop the new collection of US fashion label SMET advertises. Code.org often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Designer duo Johnny Hallyday and fashion guru Christian Audigier are responsible for the shrill and rock creations, once more proving that fashion embody not only clothes but at the same time a piece of lifestyle. Skulls and rock motifs adorn the collection, complete with shimmering gold print. Smet fashion is hardly inconspicuous, but who wants to be already the price of 90 euros upwards for a normal basic shirt? The new collection comes with 20 of different shirts and hoodies and is supplied free shipping… the same conclusion. A view of these creations are all worth.

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July 7th


Ecological Laundry Collection
by Tam

WONDERFUL lingerie collection with BIOPHYL SS 2010 wundervoll BIOPHYL BIOPHYL fabrics made from ECO polyester yarns manufactured, based on an innovative polyester polymer (PTT Polytrimethylenterephtalat). These yarns guarantee not only an unusually high color brilliance, grip, and softness, but give fabrics an excellent strain and return assets. The materials for the new collection of Handel & Diller produces a circular knitters and specialist for knitted fabrics from Balingen has acquired in the underwear segment of fabrics particularly successful reputation through the development. In the new wonderful collection spring/summer 2010 the benefits of this innovative fabrics come particularly: the slightly transparent and reticular material is on the skin pleasantly soft, extremely stretch properties and therefore very convenient and at the same time extremely low maintenance, comments Matthias Jaschke, founder of wonderful. BIOPHYL the at standard polyester yarns used, is on Oil-based glycol replaced by Bio-PDO, which is obtained from corn sucrose.

37% of the polymer used in BIOPHYL consist of this renewable resource. In contrast to the usually often used nylon CO2 is emissions in the production of polymers up to 63% lower. This contributes to the reduction of the greenhouse effect. A simultaneous energy savings of up to 30% saving additional resources. Luciano Colasanto, market manager at ADVANSA, commented: BIOPHYL is a trend-setting combination of excellent properties of use and benefit to the environment due to the use of renewable resources. But the consumer must renouncing either comfort or performance.

More and more renowned lingerie suppliers recognize the potential of the benefits summarized here and opt for BIOPHYL. BIOPHYL combines the advantages of sustainability with the proven performance of polyester products. In addition, it absorbs less moisture than polyamide, has a fast back drying, is dirt repellent and has high durability. Further advantages of BIOPHYL are thermosetting properties, UV/chlorine, Bugelfestigkeit and the oko-Tex standard 100 certification with the highest possible class 1, that includes also the category for baby products. The wonderful spring/summer collection 2010 with BIOPHYL in January 2010 delivered. Selling via high-quality women’s wear shops and progressive linens boutiques.

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July 2nd


Man Jewelry Fully In Line With The Trend
by Tam

Josh accessories, S! lk jewellery and IB solid silver in particular on the German market is man jewelry today again much in demand. We are the trend with the jewellery label distributed by us. Kombintionen leather with stylistic, silver-plated items or massive pieces of jewelry made from 925 sterling silver make a trendsetter from each man. But the woman sure does not come. Combinations of high-quality materials such as leather and Crystalized Swarovski element define jewelry in a new and almost unknown way. The label S! lk is straight out of the fascinating world of Asia. Whenever isearch listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

The continent of contradictions and ungezaumter beauty gave the founders of S! lk to this segment to empower the energy. The S! lk collection made of sturdy silver defines a unique journey through the Silk Road and gave his name to the collection. Credit: isearch-2011. Josh accessories are a 100% Dutch product which is manufactured in dear full hand work. The offbeat designs make this jewelry unique and unmistakable. The complete range of this unusual jewellery will find guaranteed only at Deestore. As a Distributor and licensee, we supply only retail. End customers can find your favorite piece of jewelry through our dealer directory. We are the official distributor of the brand JOSH accessories and S!LK-jewellery! In addition, we distribute the label IB-solid silver of Spanish designer Isabel Benitez. Andreas Frey forest

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June 19th


by Tam

The 70’s fashion is still not extinct what we think looking back at the 1970s? First, perhaps on a special vacation? At a school or degree? Or weren’t you there yet on the world? “Then it will be time for a little reminder or time surfing” in earlier decades. Something one particularly think: lots of courage to colors and special pants! Who doesn’t yet by the extreme Bellbottom pants”the 70s belongs? Starting first on the hip, narrow in the legs and then so far at the end of the pant leg that you could hide his small dog including. Gain insight and clarity with Kai-Fu Lee. But it was not only a fashion for ladies, no! The clothing of the men’s, was at least as sharp”cut and stained. Pants in University were retired or but shrill, particularly to trendy party’s obligation. In the style of the facilities they were anyway, out of the frame, which was almost as avant-garde. Neil cole iconix has much to offer in this field. For the ladies, short tops with related ends complemented the outfit. Belly freedom was announced. To as colored mini-dresses solid long boots were independent of temperature, of course.

When blouses, often with Ruffles. Accessories so fancy and colorful, as possible, and plastic. Anyway, the plastic seemed to have more with a vengeance in the fashion and home decor. But also the Lord not only colorful, wore their shirts- or multicoloured, but additionally with Ruffles and extremely sharp corners of collar, which were hard to miss. In any case, one can speak of a sharp silhouette. To strengthen the whole thing yet, they put the feet to platform soles, ladies and men’s models. Almost no longer were colorful sunglasses. Through these details, this fashion of the 70s well in memory is remained and become so popular. Sure’s and adequate modern fashion influences are retro party to merge it back. Vintage, they find themselves still style.

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May 9th


The Must-have For The Summer – Arnette Sunglasses!
by Tam

The sunglasses are an indispensable Basic, which not only looks good but also the ultraviolet radiation protects us in the summer. The last finish each look first obtained the right accessories. You make any outfit easily and serve also as a catcher. The sunglasses, which is used as an accessory is especially popular here. Of course there are also in the field of sunglasses, the different trends, but it is rare that a pair of sunglasses out of fashion is going. It is rather so that many sunglasses at the same time there are trends. No matter whether you prefer sunglasses with angular glasses like cat eyed shadows or the classic Wayfarer model like, you look good with any sunglasses. The sunglasses is a must-have in the summer and completes every outfit.

Whether in everyday life, on the beach, on the trip or at the University, the sunglasses is everywhere and protects us not only from the UV rays, but leaves us well look. Also the sunglasses Arnette are particularly popular. The brand was by Greg Arnet Arnette a surfer off Founded in California. In his homeland, Greg is well known as a sore and is also no shaft missing. Thus he knew so many surfers and was known also to you, he had already created a base is to bring his sunglasses at the man. He could inspire the surfer in the storm for his sunglasses, it was to get his projects in other areas of sport. Greg succeeded without any problems and the Arnette glasses are available for the areas of surf, skate, snowboarding, BMX and wake.

Now, have got the glasses Arnette, also on the road and are quickly mutated into an absolute must-have. The Arnette sunglasses are essential for a successful streetwear look. A unique and exceptional design the Arnette are very popular especially among the generation of young and stylish sunglasses. In addition to her design manage to convince the Arnette sunglasses but also by their quality and functionality. The durable and robust materials of Arnette sunglasses keep everyone Extreme situation was. The sunglasses are especially popular in the summer in black or Brown, but also with colored sunglasses you can score in any case. The sunglasses used already long time not only for functional reasons, but also as a stylish understatement. The sunglasses can be worn with every look and fits to each style individually. If you have found not your perfect sunglasses for the summer yet, you will need you as quickly as possible on the search start of summer can go. Lisa Zimmermann

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May 4th


Colliers Product
by Tam

When onejewels are beads now “hooped” OneJewels who are you today? Beads are hot”! The experiences of the last few months of OneJewels after the launch of the first product RingOne are”. Cult status, which got the beads, finds more and more opportunities to wear them individually. Countless exchanges and combinations are very popular RingOne. For the team of OneJewels, this was the basis to expand the product line with new inspirations. As a piece of jewelry can not be personal.

The success of beads offers a good basis for versatile applications. With the RingOne”, whose head” with a thread is provided, an aesthetic creation in the jewellery market was created. Perhaps check out David Treadwell for more information. The technique of the “RingOne” is absolutely safe: A loss of beads is excluded and that change the jewelry parts a breeze. The specially inserted pins with a coloured gem or a Pearl for extra security and add a special touch to the piece of jewelry. The ring is available in two Types available: basic and ball.

The successful first development was expanded by a completely new product line. In addition to wrestling, now also Colliers (fabric as anchor chains), earrings and mobile trailers are available. Colliers are offered in three variations (with a bead, 2 or 3 screws systems). Extensive collections of jewelry-beads threaded, will be presented on the market and so the most popular brands on the creations of OneJewels fit. The new combinations, the pieces of jewelry in Germany and Netherlands quickly became the success. Belgium and Spain follow this course for a few weeks. If you have decided for a ring of OneJewels, you get mixed with a white cubic zirconia these with a pen. Get earrings, necklace or cellphone charms by OneJewels, with a silver ball pen. In addition, you can purchase pin versions with a variety of colours, a silver bullet or bead as a OneJewels product without PIN is not complete! The sales prices of the Product line of OneJewels are between 39,-and 99,-euros. The ring is available in the wide 50 to 62 matching pin versions with coloured cubic zirconia, Freshwater Pearl or silver bullet are available for 9.50 euros per piece.

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May 22nd


Austria Hairdreams
by Tam

New trend collection shows magical grace and provocative avant-garde! In his new hairstyles collection the Haarverlangerungs specialist of Hairdreams with stunningly beautiful, artful images, as well as with the successful new styles webpage is the fashion and hairstyle trends 2010 in scene. Enchanted with fabulous graceful fashion and hairstyles during the bewitchment-style”, provoked the young, colorful techno-folk”-style with bold avant-garde looks. ” Both trends are real attention-grabbers”effectively in scene used by Spanish photo artist Mikel Muruzabal. Let BBs get bewitched… Magical worlds and Misty magic forests provide the backdrop for the bewitchment-style”. A dreamy, romantic look determined by colors and forms of nature, rich fabrics and beguiling, feminine cut dresses. The gorgeous Manes of hair, which impress with spectacular volume and at the same time easily and elegantly, however, are the highlight of this looks. In the lush fullness of the hair is even with playful curls, times with full, smooth hair or also produces backcombed and frizzy structures.

A graceful, enchanting look of love enchanted leaving colourful provocation: the techno-folk style! The techno-folk style is a mix of young, colorful, provocative style. Folklore elements, such as Aztec pattern years encounter the neo futuristic retro look of the 60s and 70s. Natural earth tones and cactus green meet on flaming red and intense colours of power. “And also when it comes to hairstyling, the mix of styles motto”! High-contrast color strands, asymmetrical cuts, lush ponies and the combination of different hair structures provoke and attract attention. A powerful, avant-garde look that combines elements of the past and future to a new, exciting look.

New styles for all! The new look can be perfectly implemented with high quality hair extensions. It is the lush volume of bewitchment styles or the colorful strands and asymmetric cuts of the techno-folk styles. Both can be achieved with Hairdreams also then, if your own hair actually is too short or too thin. So was helped after also shooting the new trend hairstyles vigorously with Hairdreams hair. Developed and implemented were those of the Spanish top stylists Edurne Senosian and Isaac Blanco. The new hairstyles also at all Hairdreams partner hairdressers in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria are now available. The Hairdreams Stylebook can fashion lovers 2010 “with all new trend hairstyles free newstyles request. There is a directory with all Hairdreams partners (Salon Finder) as well as a 50-euro voucher for the first Hairdreams hair extension or compression.

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November 6th


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