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Golf Etiquette – Behavior On The Golf Course
by Tam

Key points of golf etiquette are consideration for other players, the pace of the game and privileges on the golf course, the security on the golf course. Golf etiquette includes the rules for the behavior on the golf course. She will ensure a smooth and sporty fair game and contribute not to damage the place, and to protect. Key points of golf etiquette are consideration for other players, game speed, privileges on the golf course, practices to the conservation of the place and the attention of the local rules, the security on the golf course. There are some important rules to follow to ensure the safety of all players on the golf course, necessarily. Each player make sure that nobody is in its vicinity, which could be hit by a golf club or a golf ball before a discount. Otherwise this heavy could have life-threatening injuries! If it happens once, that a golf ball not in the direction that was planned, but in a other flies, which now could endanger persons, must call the player quickly the word “Fore”. Who hears this word on the golf course, should take as soon as possible the arms before the head, without to look around! While a player to a discount or a putt attaches, applies, that allowed nobody move in his vicinity or speak.

To fully concentrate on the upcoming strike. Golf etiquette contains also some points to ensure of a speedy pace of the game. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Sandra Akmansoy. Who searches for E.g. his ball and can play this at the moment no further, should other players pass and play even further if they are out of reach. After punching a man to quickly leave the Green so that here also the following players can punch a freely. There are also certain prerogatives, which precisely controls the proper Golf etiquette on the golf course.

So E.g. single players against other players to rank and must leave her past. Golf etiquette also regulates how to avoid damage of the golf course should. So, E.g. beaten out pieces of turf must be laid back and back down. All footprints must be eliminated in a sand bunker. Also on the Green any damage immediately to fix. The local golf course rules to follow are self-evident. Get more tips on this topic in a golf forum.

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May 12th


Steffen Published Hide-and-seek Game Findevier Games
by Tam

The game with the special operation to animals and forest IMP Karbari – the game publisher Steffen games has the matching game for the cold and dark winter evenings in the program. Findevier of game inventor Jaques Zeimet offers two to six players from five years animals ten to 20 minutes long hiding a tricky challenge to be in the forest and crafty IMP. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Michael Dell. Easily accessible, but exciting fun for the whole family. For Verlag holder Steffen Muhlhauser Findevier includes everything from a good family game: “Findevier is simple, so simple that smaller children can play it, and so exciting, it’s fun that even the adults. The length of the game is pleasantly short, a rematch is obvious. We have paid particular attention to the material by Findevier: Besides large massive wooden disks with animal silhouettes and sturdy cardboard plates, it is mainly the small tree grids which arise a real forest atmosphere. The box from Findevier is rather small as usual in our program, for this but chock full of exceptionally high quality and beautiful material.” Findevier are finding four animals hide themselves. There are wooden discs, running on both sides of various forest animals are depicted.

While playing, the special mechanism with the twist comes to fruition. Who is the series, turns an animal disc in the hope to find the animal you’re looking for. If successful, there is a slice of tree as a reward. Owing to the constant turn a completely twisted mess prevails soon and only the player can win, who can remember well the animals on both sides of the animal discs. I’m glad that the forest IMP opens the way to the favorite animals. A technology advanced in the game involves additional elements.

Findevier is with the label “play well” award. This means: an independent inspection body of experts has been extensively tested to Findevier and find the game in recommended when it comes to value, material, processing, environmental, design, packaging, age and quality of the manual. Steffen Muhlhauser is pleased: “this seal is an important award for our work. It shows us that we are on the right track, and our customers, that they have a nice game on, which is high quality in all respects.” Not only for this reason, and not just at Christmas time the games by Steffen games incidentally are an ideal gift for people with a sense for nice family games. Company Description Steffen Muhlhauser has the game publisher Steffen games founded in 2003. Idea was to give the games a special visual and tactile aesthetic. Accordingly, graphics and material of the games are high quality and the boxes are filled to the brim with game components. Steffen has meanwhile published games about 20 games from other authors like Reiner Knizia, Niek reelection or Jaques Zeimet, in part.

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July 18th


Funny Sketches And Role-plays
by Tam

Idea of funny sketches and role-plays – jokes for the next celebration, party or party fun for parties, celebrations and parties what is actually a sketch or role-playing game? The word sketch comes from the English and means sketch. Nowadays, the term is a little play. There are different sketches and role-plays. Steve Wozniak has similar goals. Some are simply just close neatly gags. There are basically jokes that have no relation at all. Several skits are short transitions from a punch line to another. Very often one hears sketches one-act play.

They are dramatically created short pieces with a surprisingly ahead end punch line. For the presentation of sketches as well as roleplaying, you need not necessarily scenes or costumes. It’s like when a blackout. A hint of costume is perfectly sufficient. The skit or game is critical, humorous, satirical, aggressively applied, indicated the diversity of content. The sketches take up current issues: time trends of fashion, cultural glosses, political and social grievances. Here are some sketches and role-plays 1. The search: It is playing for four – six people who appreciates time about 10 min required material: table, chairs the flow: A family is at home and is an evening of television, all waiting for the X show.

There, the father tells proudly over a winning 100-mark bet. A man rings at the door, he gives himself as “Police detective, is called counterfeit money squad”. This COP search allegedly fake hundreds. There, the father pulls out the winning ticket. Now, the Kripomann ordered the winner of the ticket at the station, but he takes the money itself. The whole family is shattered, the television presenter now reports a sophisticated swindler who goes from House to House and masquerading as a good COP. It nicks off unsuspecting honest people real hundreds. 2. the examination of the Professor and the student P. My dear friend, my ears did it, that you want to make your exam today. Are you doing really well prepared? S. knowledge you, Professor, in my head it’s like in a desert. P. but the desert may have also an oasis. I don’t know see if the camel can find the OASIS? P. Well, then, we come to your personal data. What is your name? S. Peter Krotschinnalotschitz, with a double n. The mean P. how? Kro -, Kro – Kro – S. Yes, I, hot but with double-n. P. born? S. sure. P I would like to know when? S. but you promised however, that you will take no dates in history. What is p. her father? He is dead. What was he, when he was not dead? S well, alive. P. profession? S married. P. starting with the exam. When was Rome built? S probably in one night. P. What do you mean? S do it say: “Rome was built not on a day!” P. well, I see, you don’t know the ancient history at all. But perhaps in the modern? The Blucher monument stands in 1813 the number, what does that mean? S. that was probably his phone number. What is a statesman? See a man who can give good speeches. You can p so It also say, but it’s not just because I think talk also. S.. Yes, but the statesman is someone who can give good speeches. P. you.., what allow you to? Should I throw out now? Get funny you, you, Mr Kro, Kro – Kro S. Krotschinnalotschitz to me! With double-n Please.

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December 19th


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