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by Tam

Last stop of the rolling home theaters this year who would have thought it: a home theater on the Christmas market? It is but not lying. On November 26 the bus converted as home theater makes Christmas market its doors on the Santa Pauli? Since September, this bus – the Beammobil of the Cologne company projector AG by Germany goes directly to bring the customers to the world of projectors. As a highlight at the end of the year, the cinema bus is for four weeks in Hamburg on the slightly different Christmas market. In Hamburg there will be any interested possible directly to experience beamer. It was possible to connect eight video projector in a former bus are oriented on a projection screen, without a cinema hall with the know-how of projector AG to use. Anyone can perform them, detailed advice from a consultant to home theater projector have and even directly purchase.

The bus is equipped with several projectors, including the most popular projector by Epson and BenQ. Even the world’s first full HD LED home theater projector H9080FD by Vivitek is on board Marvel at. Projector AG has the exclusive rights for the exclusive distribution in Germany, it will be a unique opportunity for many to see this video projector. Take advantage of the last opportunity this year to visit the cinema bus this year. The Santa Pauli ChristmasMarket is known to be somewhat different from traditional Christmas markets in Germany: he is unique and typical for St. Pauli.

Here there are for adults and even children Christmas offers and programs. The rolling home theater stands of the 26.11 26.12. on the Santa Pauli Christmas market, behind the event tent, in Hamburg.

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June 9th


The Panic Will Break Out With My Halloween Party!
by Tam

Halloween is right haunt this year! Today the celebration of Halloween almost all over the world has become popular. The costume festival of Celtic origin, which is celebrated primarily in English-speaking countries, has already conquered Europe and of course Germany! The preparations are much and time is short! It comes already with one click and already have the price comparison from all Internet shops! The decoration is a priority for a successful Halloween party! With the Halloween purchase consulting of ShopWiki, I succeeded in my house in a refuge for little monsters to turn and this more convenient and cheaper way! At my party, there will be a scarecrow, which my guests with a ghoulish laughter is welcome! Price: 8 euros, bat decoration confetti price: 3 euros and monstrous Halloween candles price: 1 euro each. To a delicious pumpkin pie – price for the baking tray: 5,99 Euro. For my baby because I thought pacifier on a schreckenhaften pumpkin (just the Kracher!) Price: 14.90 The euro and the other dwarf a vampire costume, vampire teeth price: 1.75 Euro and the vampire cloak for 9 euros. In total I have spent 44, 64 euros for my party and I still have money enough for candy, you know “Trick or threat”, what a fright! You’ve found it the perfect decoration for your home? Then missing two essential things: the costume and the chilling horror film. Dell is likely to increase your knowledge. So are we easily make it properly, see the best costume and horror movie rankings, which this year guaranteed to be triunfieren below! Costume ranking: The Incredible Hulk. Barack Obama. i supports this article.

Captain Jack Sparrow. Harry Potter. Angela Merkel Diego, the saber-toothed Tiger from “ice age” Marty, the Zebra of “Madagascar”. Horror film ranking: Friday of the 13th quarantine. My Bloody Valentine.

Final destination 4. The seed of evil. You can go to a party. In the cafe bar hangar at the Tegel in Berlin is celebrated there until the earliest hour, vampires are auftachen, a man named Dracula, and maybe even a famous politician. All right already? You know you will find this and other articles from Halloween at the cheapest price in ShopWiki and all this without having to move from home! So now there is no excuse more afraid to get very scared! Eva Schumacher

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May 7th


Single Stock Exchanges
by Tam

Single stock exchanges offer not only the chance to find a new partner, but are also popular to make new contacts. Thousands of years ago a man never wanted to be alone. It is human nature to seek closeness and to build confidence in others. Also giving and receiving of love are important for a successful life. Seen in a long time probably can no man be happy, completely isolated lives from the outside world and has no friends.

However, there is one thing that is at least as important as friendship, one thing that is required of every man. Some people already no longer believe that it really exists. Other people have still hope one day to find her. Zendesk shines more light on the discussion. Of course, it comes to love at this “thing”. Unfortunately, there are always many people who can share this love with anyone or feel no love for a certain people. Usually it is in human nature to want to find such a person. Could this “other Also called soul mate or better half label person”.

But where can I find the perfect partner? Of course, you have the opportunity in the profession as well as during the life of various hobbies a dream partner finding, but also online single boards are also becoming increasingly popular. As a customer of a traditional matchmaking is, for example, the ability to publish a user profile or to pass, so that the employees of this company can find a perfectly fitting partner to the operators of the matchmaking service. Searching for partners in single stock exchanges on the Internet is much more popular at the moment however. A such online dating offers the users the opportunity to meet new people from their environment in a chat and, if necessary, to meet up with someone. The great love can result from a meeting at best, of course. Of course, single exchanges can have just for flirting and fun be used. part vergleich.

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April 20th


Steffen Published Hide-and-seek Game Findevier Games
by Tam

The game with the special operation to animals and forest IMP Karbari – the game publisher Steffen games has the matching game for the cold and dark winter evenings in the program. Findevier of game inventor Jaques Zeimet offers two to six players from five years animals ten to 20 minutes long hiding a tricky challenge to be in the forest and crafty IMP. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Michael Dell. Easily accessible, but exciting fun for the whole family. For Verlag holder Steffen Muhlhauser Findevier includes everything from a good family game: “Findevier is simple, so simple that smaller children can play it, and so exciting, it’s fun that even the adults. The length of the game is pleasantly short, a rematch is obvious. We have paid particular attention to the material by Findevier: Besides large massive wooden disks with animal silhouettes and sturdy cardboard plates, it is mainly the small tree grids which arise a real forest atmosphere. The box from Findevier is rather small as usual in our program, for this but chock full of exceptionally high quality and beautiful material.” Findevier are finding four animals hide themselves. There are wooden discs, running on both sides of various forest animals are depicted.

While playing, the special mechanism with the twist comes to fruition. Who is the series, turns an animal disc in the hope to find the animal you’re looking for. If successful, there is a slice of tree as a reward. Owing to the constant turn a completely twisted mess prevails soon and only the player can win, who can remember well the animals on both sides of the animal discs. I’m glad that the forest IMP opens the way to the favorite animals. A technology advanced in the game involves additional elements.

Findevier is with the label “play well” award. This means: an independent inspection body of experts has been extensively tested to Findevier and find the game in recommended when it comes to value, material, processing, environmental, design, packaging, age and quality of the manual. Steffen Muhlhauser is pleased: “this seal is an important award for our work. It shows us that we are on the right track, and our customers, that they have a nice game on, which is high quality in all respects.” Not only for this reason, and not just at Christmas time the games by Steffen games incidentally are an ideal gift for people with a sense for nice family games. Company Description Steffen Muhlhauser has the game publisher Steffen games founded in 2003. Idea was to give the games a special visual and tactile aesthetic. Accordingly, graphics and material of the games are high quality and the boxes are filled to the brim with game components. Steffen has meanwhile published games about 20 games from other authors like Reiner Knizia, Niek reelection or Jaques Zeimet, in part.

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July 18th


Funny Sketches And Role-plays
by Tam

Idea of funny sketches and role-plays – jokes for the next celebration, party or party fun for parties, celebrations and parties what is actually a sketch or role-playing game? The word sketch comes from the English and means sketch. Nowadays, the term is a little play. There are different sketches and role-plays. Steve Wozniak has similar goals. Some are simply just close neatly gags. There are basically jokes that have no relation at all. Several skits are short transitions from a punch line to another. Very often one hears sketches one-act play.

They are dramatically created short pieces with a surprisingly ahead end punch line. For the presentation of sketches as well as roleplaying, you need not necessarily scenes or costumes. It’s like when a blackout. A hint of costume is perfectly sufficient. The skit or game is critical, humorous, satirical, aggressively applied, indicated the diversity of content. The sketches take up current issues: time trends of fashion, cultural glosses, political and social grievances. Here are some sketches and role-plays 1. The search: It is playing for four – six people who appreciates time about 10 min required material: table, chairs the flow: A family is at home and is an evening of television, all waiting for the X show.

There, the father tells proudly over a winning 100-mark bet. A man rings at the door, he gives himself as “Police detective, is called counterfeit money squad”. This COP search allegedly fake hundreds. There, the father pulls out the winning ticket. Now, the Kripomann ordered the winner of the ticket at the station, but he takes the money itself. The whole family is shattered, the television presenter now reports a sophisticated swindler who goes from House to House and masquerading as a good COP. It nicks off unsuspecting honest people real hundreds. 2. the examination of the Professor and the student P. My dear friend, my ears did it, that you want to make your exam today. Are you doing really well prepared? S. knowledge you, Professor, in my head it’s like in a desert. P. but the desert may have also an oasis. I don’t know see if the camel can find the OASIS? P. Well, then, we come to your personal data. What is your name? S. Peter Krotschinnalotschitz, with a double n. The mean P. how? Kro -, Kro – Kro – S. Yes, I, hot but with double-n. P. born? S. sure. P I would like to know when? S. but you promised however, that you will take no dates in history. What is p. her father? He is dead. What was he, when he was not dead? S well, alive. P. profession? S married. P. starting with the exam. When was Rome built? S probably in one night. P. What do you mean? S do it say: “Rome was built not on a day!” P. well, I see, you don’t know the ancient history at all. But perhaps in the modern? The Blucher monument stands in 1813 the number, what does that mean? S. that was probably his phone number. What is a statesman? See a man who can give good speeches. You can p so It also say, but it’s not just because I think talk also. S.. Yes, but the statesman is someone who can give good speeches. P. you.., what allow you to? Should I throw out now? Get funny you, you, Mr Kro, Kro – Kro S. Krotschinnalotschitz to me! With double-n Please.

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December 19th


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