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Wholesale Of Flowers
by Tam

In late April, almost time for the Flower Festival in the city of White Nights, which has become an annual event. As a rule, within the framework of this kind of festival is organized by an international conference "The flower business in Russia." In itself name of the holiday said that this business is not just working in the region, but is starting to become very dynamic and evolving. We are now accustomed to the pleasant flowers in our life in various circumstances from a very bright and cheerful, to the saddest. Flowers surround us everywhere, as they say, "at every turn." However, it is unfortunately, not quite. Flowers – a subject not just sweet, but also requires special consignments and sales. As, however, every "living" product.

Because of the high vulnerability and short lifetimes, such an object can be described as very problematic for business. (This, of course, not talking about a rare trade bouquets in the days spring holidays). But, despite all the difficulties of retail trade, an important pricing factors considered such factors as the wholesale price of the manufacturer. There are quite certain time periods associated with biological nuances of plants, when a manufacturer wants to sell flowers wholesale in large quantities. With all the tricks of greenhouses, these days in the year divided by region of production. With this in mind, employees of firms implement the flowers, buy goods in bulk at different days of the year in different countries. In particular, the roses are purchased in bulk in a very large range of manufacturers: Poland and the Netherlands, Turkey and other countries. Roses – the goods always in demand, but the most complex both in terms of growth, and under the terms of delivery and implementation.

Because of active advertising campaigns, more and more are starting to become popular miniature shrub roses in pots. This product in bulk – the most profitable business. Also sold in pots and gerberas, violets and many other delicate flowers. Potted flowers wholesale demonstrate significant advantages of such trade. In particular, profitability of such trade is significantly higher due to increased shelf-life colors. However, the usual "truncate" win again. Sales leader in 2008 – a beautiful gerbera – proved once again that the purchase of "cutting" is still relevant and purchase flowers at wholesale for it remains a privileged position.

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