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AhKh Bluff
by Tam

Remember the example of AhKh in faroleabamos not enough? You have to bluff sometimes against good players to get paid at other times when you have good hand. So if you only play five minutes against this player, and you think you will almost always call on the river, then it is certain that you should not bluff. At Pete Cashmore you will find additional information. But if you play against him often, you'll occasionally to bluff so you can not know what you have and play correctly against you. Against a loose player, you want to mix up your play so that their calls are as bad as possible (from the perspective of G-Bucks), but he comes to realize and begin to withdraw. Against a tight player, you want to mix up your play so that it is wrong as possible when you fold, but do to become more loose to gamble properly. So, against a loose player observer, you'll want to bluff the river about 18% of the time and against a tight observer, about 45%. Against a very loose or very tight but almost never bluff unobservant or almost always will, respectively.

Another tip I give is that you see how they affect the range cards coming out. Bobby Sharma Bluestone addresses the importance of the matter here. You raise pre-flop and pays the big blind, the flop is 7 8 2 with two spades. He does check and pay your bet. Do you think most projects will go up so do not put it in spades or straight draw. The turn is Ts. You should almost always bet when you check because his range can not like this letter and may not support your bet.

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December 28th


Winder Bets
by Tam

Bet you can afford. Define a bankroll at the beginning of the year or season and stick to it. Define a system of sticks and stick to it. Do not bet on teams or leagues that I know nothing. Try specialize in selected leagues. Do not assume there "things." Any outcome is possible.

Your selection criteria should include a recent, at least the last five games. In general, stick to betting on league games, as recent computer for only consistent within the limits of that league. Do not bet at the start of the season, waiting until each team has played at least six games for his recent form analysis is valid. Do not bet on local derbies evenly balanced teams. The exception is that the odds are favorable to cover your bet (ie cover the bet, with one tie). After analyzing your bets, stick by his decision. Avoid outside influences. Do not work more than three criteria for selecting strategies.

Define your selection criteria Strategies; refine as you go. Analyze all bets after the fact, especially if it is a losing bet. Learn from your mistakes and / or experiences. Determine the best return on your bet from different bookmakers. The difference in returns across bookmakers can be substantial, especially on multiple bets or accumulators. Bet when considering the possibilities of being fair or acceptable for your bet. Bet on the smallest of combinations of possible outcomes. 4 + batteries can give high returns, but are also the most difficult to achieve. * Keep up to date record of all bets, yields and losses. * May not be suitable for gaming and up to date record will highlight this. Bet only when the odds are in your favor. Do not bet for the sake of betting. Always remain calm especially after a big gain or loss. Discipline is the key. Best regards Winder Sports Winder Liao Winder expert picks – Asian disability specialist at European football matches. the winder sports portal – Your guide Winder interest in sports: provides tips and techniques to improve your game. Email:

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March 8th


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