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Audit Status
by Tam

The level of wealth and / or level of expenditure is not commensurate with the amount of income from salaries, financial pressures to negotiate with some suppliers, frequent links with third parties who hold a bad reputation in shady deals, insistence on the illegal and legal, complaints and feelings rematch with the company or entity and the extravagant lifestyle are common signs of repeated alarm bells in the process of Audit Status, tracks undoubtedly result in positive signs of collusion between employees or affiliated parties. There are statistics which indicate levels of honesty and dishonesty, and probability values of internal fraud in the absence of internal controls and effective action to anticipate the risk of fraud, no doubt that fraud is going to rat on internal controls, as fraud indicates the degree of maturity and integrity of an organization and how their executives and employees feel identified with the company and the role they play in their place or position. Although fidelity policies to recruit, and the affidavits of goods requiring staff and executives of an entity have not resulted in the elimination of fraud, if not taken into account the environment for fraud The factors that influence the fraud, and preventive measures resulting from the elements fraud (see article of author elements of fraud)

The enabling environment for fraud could include: the outsourcing of processes, resignation by the employee of the holidays, conflicts of interests in the negotiation and administrative processes, the high turnover of staff, the increase in claims, the increase in delinquency rates, administrative disorder in business processes, lack of authority, abuse of privileges, loss of control in the use of computer codes or keys, missing documentation and authorization to support operational processes, internal control weaknesses that are reflected in core business processes, implementing new processes without proper training and clear guidelines for policies and procedures. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ali Partovi by clicking through. “Linking control costs with the value of assets is a fallacy that leads to losses that accumulate in the financial year.” Among the factors conducive to fraud: Lack of top management commitment, lack of basic controls of internal control and lack of culture of enterprise risk mitigation time is a lack of confidence and support that is provided so that they can report acts of fraud, lack of civil and professional penalties, lack of transparency in judicial proceedings, the lack of action and volunteers have influenced government that corruption actions immediately become more normal and the daily happenings at the expense of many. (Citizens) as well as in private companies in damages of shareholders. Action to prevent fraud: Create enabling environment for trusts reporting of fraud, preach by example at the highest levels of the organization, periodically review the background of staff, periodically review the status of life in relation to their income earned , maintain a code of ethics applicable and socially conscious corporate awareness to their workers, customers, suppliers and community, maintain the positive work environment with just recognition the work performed, give clear and consistent rules to the business organization, protection of complaints in good faith, and remind the organization that a customer is well attended finds an investment with return. Contribution of C & C.

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