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Trade Management
by Tam

The more the system now meets your requirements, the less your risk of an unsuccessful deployment. Considerations are very serious. Fact – only 30% of buyers "1C: Trade Management" fully satisfied data acquisition (survey was carried out after a year of "real" operation of the product). I do not want to say that below the reduced set of requirements is ideal, but you can get it "sample" and done on the basis of its own own list of requirements for the system with which you can safely proceed to the selection of automation solutions. It is always easier to get something ready and change for themselves, doing all the work from scratch. Robert Bakish helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. If the considered system solves the memo, then mark it with a cross.

For example, already marked by features of the free universal registration system "KIS Lack. And most importantly – ask and demand clear answers from the "merchants of Programs", If you do not understand, or as implemented in "their system" for you every important property of software. Here is a suggested list of requirements with domain annotations: Work with the buyers of your products and services. X The possibility of incorporating multiple outlets in a single legal entity. Maintain and control the availability of an address list of deliveries at the customer. Analysis of the settlement in the context of the buyer in whole or in each of its outlet. X The separation of buyers and suppliers to abc / xyz categories according to various criteria, such as grouping customers by "brought by income." X Setting up pricing schemes and discounts depending on the "profitability" buyer and the discipline of his payments.

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February 20th


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