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American Store Innovation
by Tam

It is not newness that e-commerce, or electronic commerce, is today one of the segments of the economy that more grows. In recent years, according to And-Bit institute, the electronic commerce in Brazil expanded the rhythm of 30% to the year, on average. New virtual store open the all moment – to all, they is esteem that they are in functioning today in the country about 10 000 sites of e-commerce. The American Store, of group B2W, are between the pioneers in this segment in the country, and also it enters most innovative. The last action of Americanas.com, as it is known by the majority of its customers, was the creation of ' ' Red Friday' ' of the electronic commerce.

The event, launched in the 2011 end, all promoted discountings special in the site in a friday next to the Christmas. With the action, the idea to import for Brazil common events in the calendar of the retail American north. The inspiration for the Red Friday of the American Store lode of the Black Friday, a famous traditional event for offering for customers and consumers a time per year the greaters promotions of the retail. One is about a date sufficiently known in the country, and had as the best chance of the year to buy little paying. The action of the Americans if inserts in an increasing phenomenon in e-commerce Brazilian, to bring for the country events festive and related the discountings in products and services.

Beyond the Black Friday, that had great adhesion of Brazilian sites of electronic commerce in the year that passed, other events to the few starts to be part of the calendar of e-commerce national. In the case of the Red Friday, everything happens with great tunning with the virtual world. In the last event, for example, users who tanned the page of the site in the Facebook could have access more early the offers that had been to air. Other leaders such as ???? ?? ?? offer similar insights. He is e-commerce hugging new features of the virtual world.

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September 17th


by Tam

AMBIENT IMPACTS CAUSED BY the IRREGULAR USE OF SWINE DEJECTIONS IN the ALONE Summary the North American suinocultura if detach in the world-wide context for the development and application of technologies to optimize the productive chain of the suinocultura, however it the same faces problem that suinocultores of other countries in regards to the question of the discarding and extreme accumulation of the dejections of swines in its installations. This fact occurs due to adoption of practical volunteers for discarding of these residues, as example we can cite the direct use of these dejections in the ground, without any treatment. If you are not convinced, visit search. This study it has for objective to show that the swine dejections, exactly I contend component necessary chemistries and/or beneficial for the ground, they can provoke great ambient impact. html’>health organizations if you seek more information. The use of these dejections in the ground must be carried through of adjusted form, by means of analysis of the ground and the dejections, considering that the ground possesss different physical and chemical characteristics of a place for another one. It is necessary that if it makes a detailed study of the ground and also one treatment of the dejections before they are used in the farmings. Word-key: ambient swine dejections, impacts, North American suinocultura. Introduction One of the activities that comes more if developing each time is the suinocultura, for being one of the consumed meats more world-wide, however the activity of suinocultura is considered one of the great producers of pollution, which had to the risk of contamination of air, ground and water.



August 8th


Public Sector
by Tam

Goinia, 05 of April of 2011. We can Innovate in the Public Sector? Analyzing the context, what it has is the social pressure for one ' ' bom' ' public service. has periodic elections, even so let us have certain difficulty in identifying in this event an engine for the innovation and the linking between legislative and the executive. Of certain form, however, the occupants of the positions of higher level have to contaminate the others with the desire and the objective to make fact well, to make better. rule the positions highest, first step, are citizens to a temporary mandate.

We believe that in the public sector it is possible in such a way to innovate how much in any another sector. The difficulty is not bigger of what the faced one for great companies, who also have a great inertia. Perhaps what it motivates this thought on the public sector? on the innovation absence? either ' ' me fama' ' that it acquired unjustly. The people tend to associate public organizations to the comodismo. The claim many times are legitimate, but me the fame is improper and harmful. It has many public organizations that function well in the country. However, exactly with these difficulties, I find that when the public manager wants in fact to innovate, when makes use yourself to use its intellectual capacity for this, congregating the intellectual capacity of other people, good results can be gotten. With some frequency the public sector is sucateado, for the most diverse reasons? budgetary restrictions, lack of growth of the economy etc.

With passing of the time, this trashing generates a chronic environment of scarcity. Many professionals start to use the trashing as a justification for the inefficiency. ' ' We do not have money, therefore the service is not good. If we had more resources, we would make melhor' ' , they are excused.

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August 3rd


Strategic Geography
by Tam

This population growth provides for local commerce a chance of growth also in its sales and consequently increases of the profitability. Figure 2. Tax of annual Growth of the population. Source: Brazilian institute of Geography and statistics? IBGE. Seade foundation.

STRATEGICAL POSITIONS With the analysis of the strong, weak points, threats and current chances of the Portions and Cia Ltda Me, were possible to verify that the strategical position that the company comes adopting is of Survival. The survival strategy, second displayed previously, would have only to be adopted when it did not have alternative, therefore this strategy has predominance of weak points and threats. Through the interview with the proprietor of the company ‘ ‘ today I see that the company is well (steady) had worse moments where almost I declared falncia’ ‘ , and study of the theory presented on the positions strategies one suggests it Portions and Cia Ltda Me that the maintenance strategy is adopted, therefore this strategy can be modified by proprietors of the company since the maintenance strategy has predominance of strong points and threats. The strong and weak points are the internal 0 variable that the company controls, that is, it can modify these existing weak points. Thus generating more strong points, making possible that the maintenance strategy is applied. So that a strategy of maintenance either adopted by the company, suggests that the point weak of technology either worked so that if it becomes a strong point as soon as making possible the other weak points as of control of supply, control of cost and control of invoicing that are decurrent the technology passes to be considered strong points. For this one suggests that the company acquires a computer science system assists that it in the managemental control, since supply control until the invoicing of the company.

The maintenance strategy is a preferable position when the company is facing or waits to find difficulties, and from this situation she prefers to ahead take attitude defensive of the threats. For proprietor: I believe that always it can improve, with all the existing difficulties we arrive where we arrive. The success that we conquer is estaquinado, today the house accomodates 80 places, for the time being we will be thus. I have a dream in mounting one would churrascaria, but this is not in the planning. Necessary to keep what it was reached so far.

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April 12th


Certain Strategical
by Tam

In general way the company immortality searchs and the profitability in the market. For this reason, the strategical planning can assist the entrepreneurs who are responsible directly for the development of the company, therefore they needs objectives and goals thus and, to determine the action plan that it will be necessary for attainment of the results. However the small companies are the ones that less are worried about the strategical planning. For Certain (1993, P. 6), strategical planning ' ' it is defined as a continuous and interactive process that it aims at to keep an organization as a set appropriately integrated its ambiente' '. Through these definitions a line of thought is perceived very seemed that detaches the importance that to all interact the environment of the organization, all the sectors and departments need to be in the strategical planning.

With the strategical planning it is possible to direct the efforts of the common points, to clearly leave for all the employees the mission, the vision, the objectives of the company, etc and to stipulate a cronograma of work for all the employees in a skillful time to reach the longed for results. LEVELS OF the STRATEGICAL, TACTICAL AND OPERATIONAL PLANNING In the elaboration of a strategical planning exist levels that must be followed stop better performance of the process. In accordance with Oliveira (2004, p.47): The strategical planning, of isolated form, is insufficient, a time that the establishment of objectives in the long run, as well as its reach, results in a misty situation, therefore does not exist immediate actions that operacionalizem the strategical planning. The lack of these aspects is supplied through the development and implantation of the tactical and operational planejamentos of integrated form. Figure 1. The levels of decision and the types of planning. Source: (Oliveira, 2004, P. 45) the strategical Planning becomes related with objectives of long stated period and strategies and actions to reach them that affect the company as a whole.

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March 31st


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