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Pages To Optimize
by Tam

Probably many people who were trying to create the site, tried their hand at search engine optimization. And each time encountered some difficulties. Here, it seems, and keywords in the text is, and the tags and title issued, but not obtained. The reason for these difficulties may be an option as nausea pages. What is it? This overabundance of keywords and tags on your page. Many people who created the page, tried to go to cram as much as possible many keywords as possible tags that would please the search engines.

However, too much use of this lowers the quality of the page. For example, imagine how you would read the text, 25 percent of which will be consist of one word? Or 15. Therefore, search engines have introduced the concept of nausea pages. Also it helps to deal with unfair methods of optimization. Previously, it all just evolved, it was easy to fool search engine placed on the page a bunch of the same words. Then the search engines have begun to distribute at the request of a completely different information that can not be called a good thing. Already after the search engines have improved, have imposed new optimization parameters, such problems have disappeared. So how do you determine when your keywords and tags in an excess of? Generally, the nausea usually starts after page of how the text would be more than 7 percent of the total keywords text. So guided by this value. As well as writing articles for people, not for search engines! Good luck!



April 1st


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