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Network Marketing
by Tam

I have to say that my first year in the MLM industry has been, without a doubt, positive. I must also admit that there have been times where I have been tempted to leave and throw away all the fruits of my work overboard, but that is an attitude and a stage that we all have to happen inevitably.I remember when I joined my current business, after several months of investigations and inquiries (see entry on November 1), since in principle, although it attracted me the idea of setting up my own business, didn’t see it clear. So to conclude my work of research and having verified that it is a completely legal industry, I decided to join the group to which I belong to these dates.After a few months of training and hard work, they began to appear my affiliates first. The techniques of prospecting that I put into practice were the place free ads on various boards. Became at first slope up, but to the go repeating over and over again, through a computer application that allows you to put them semi-automatically, was increasingly easy to insert the ads, until you have almost a thousand of them placed in different sites. It was a hard and constant work that required to be at least two hours a day glued to my computer, designing ads, studying of prospecting techniques, again reissuing expired ads .in end what it says is a work of Chinese. I must admit that this way of promoting my business, although it was laborious and hard, reported me large amount of prospectuses and among them, a considerable amount of affiliates or possible interested parties.By then, I decided to change strategy and I began to study a new technique called attraction Marketing. I was watching tutorials, videos, I got in contact with various professionals in the world of Network Marketing and I discovered a new way of doing business over the internet and that it was basically to interested parties are directed to you and not you to them.


July 26th


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