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Mobile Phone
by Tam

Of course I had to know! he said without hesitation, I appreciate that you called me. What time I can call to find out as follows? I’ll call you whenever there is any change, all right? I do not think that moving the hospital. But let me be at his side, will remain in the waiting room. It could be at home waiting. Of course, but we are at home, leave the message on the answering machine, noting the time at which we find to you to speak without interrupting them if they are in a medical consultation.

He gave his mobile number and scored Mabel and Pete. I have to take off the phone, like Mabel, when we are teaching a class, but I’ll call you when it is over, if I see a message. Speaking two or three times a day. Alex noticed that Sophie’s voice often cracked the phone, and that worried him greatly. Plasma have begun to ask, say it is a quite effective treatment and has generally achieved good results. Plasma? Alex intrigued and asked what is that? I do not know. I explained it but I understood nothing. I’m exhausted and my nerves are super upset and all this allows me to understand what I say.

I can only tell you that you have begun to make transfusions. Alex gave him a lot of concern about this word. It sounds like something very, very terrible, he thought. Just hung up, went to look at Internet meaning.


December 14th


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