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Industrial Mat
by Tam

With the improvement of the industrial processes, each time more demands rapidity and manufacture of the biggest number of parts in the lesser possible time. This is the reality initiated after the Industrial Revolution and mainly with the fordista model of production. As we can visualize in the film Modern Times (1936), of Charles Chaplin, the idea of stopped employees, operating the machine or working in products while the same ones still pass in an industrial mat it persists in the current days. The mats, in the context of the industries, are extremely important machines, that represent a great economy in relation to the costs and the time. It has mats of the most different types, being able to be integrated to a machine, or vendidas separately. The mats can be motorized or be formed by when inclined rolamentos that allow the automatic landslide. It is very common to observe these equipment in the most different types of industries. Virtually in any dedicated company to the production in mass it will have at least one mat.

These equipment, beyond the industrial use, also can serve in varied other contexts. For example, in airports, the luggages are carried to inside from the airplane with the use of great motorized mats. Also it has in many airports and supermarkets the use of mats as form to carry people. The industrial mat, in special, will be able to serve for diverse purposes, as well as transport of products in bulk, load and discharge, etc. The mats could be inclined, horizontal, or exactly articulated? having different models for each specific activity.

The constitution of the mat will depend on the size and the weight of the product to be carried. Certainly a projected mat for the transport of great blocks of rocks and concrete will have to be more resistant of what a projected mat for transport of small boxes of matches. Although it has diverse standardized models for immediate sales, it is very common that are necessary the production of an industrial mat personalized to take care of to one definitive function in one company. These mats will be able to frequent have the most different dimensions and capacities, being necessary a individualizado project of engineering. As well as any industrial equipment, the mat needs a periodic maintenance. These devices generally need a constant lubrication so that it has a bigger durability. Also the exchange of the canvas, the leather straps or the rolamentos with some frequency could be necessary, and this will only have to be made by specialized staff. The sales of industrial mat happen mainly in equipment plants for industries, where they are projected with the specifications required for the customer. These devices can, however, be found in many store of machines and standardized plants in sizes and models that also serve for diverse uses.



October 20th


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