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3. Requirements for the design bases, foundations and underground parts of tall buildings 3.1. For tall buildings, characterized by large and uneven loads on the foundation and base, should provide Use the following foundations: slab foundations increased rigidity (including box-shaped with well-developed underground parts of buildings) in a natural or fortified the base, pile foundations (Preferably in the form of deep supports); combined, including pile-slab and plate-anchor foundations. 3.2. Source: Pete Cashmore. When designing high-rise buildings is preferable to use options for layout and architectural and planning solutions that provide favorable interaction with the base of the building, including: a device underground floors that improve the rigidity of fixing the building at the base and change in the favorable attitude of the stress-strain state of soil at the base, resulting in a decrease in sediment and also rolls facilities. Decision on the use of underground space should be take in view of geotechnical factors on the basis of techno-economic analysis device around the altitude of the building above ground stylobate buildings or buildings with a variable number of storeys, which increases structures in general, the device of dividing walls, dug into malodeformiruemye base layers to minimize the impact of the construction of high rise buildings on the surrounding buildings, the unit bearing walls and diaphragms stiffness of the underground floors, use of architectural and planning schemes that do not cause significant constructive load eccentricity and irregularity of the sediment. 3.3. Design selection basement on the basis of technical and economic comparison of options under 'Project' and is determined by design-planning scheme of the building, the nature of soil strata, their physical and mechanical characteristics, load of the building at the base, the interaction of a building under construction with an array of ground and with the surrounding development, organization and technology features of the building.



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