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Carlos Rabaa
by Tam

She can be that never let us find a complete form extremely in the communication and sincronia between the verbal and not-verbal language, the envolvement of the relations human beings and perception, causes great challenges of understanding, the more we exert the clarity of the communication, the more the person if she knows, but easy it will be for to decipher the language and to make with that to another person she understands the message. The Return of the Message (feedback) the reply of a message (feedback) will be what it will allow to guarantee the feedback of the communication and continuity of the movement of messages as well as to adjust the errors occurred in the process of the communication. To have itself a correct communication is necessary that the return of the message is clearly, objective, therefore to a large extent of the times the receiver does not understand what it was transmitted, being able not to lose some parts of the message because of the noises, where soon they will be visualized and being able to be corrected from a new message more good transmitted by consequncia of the return of the message (feedback).

According to Carlos Rabaa (1987) the return of the message or feedback ‘ ‘ he is originary of the theory of systems and means, in the literal translation, feedback, that is to process information and transmitiz them it the system for the continuity of its functioning. In other words, it is the return of informao’ ‘. Therefore, in the process of communication, beyond the intention to transmit a direction, to transmit a message, it is necessary also to confirm the agreement of this for the receiver and feedback is the best form for this. Through the searched content I could not leave to observe that in several publications of articles and books searched, on this subject, show some divergences on the types of feedback, therefore one in special one me called the attention for if showing more complete, as we will be able to see to follow. .



October 20th


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