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Adversity Conditions
by Tam

The Zain GmbH factory representatives from Berlin inform industrial production is hardly conceivable without a computer. However, traditional office PCs not are designed to work under extreme conditions. The Berlin industrial electronics specialists of the Zieger GmbH can explain the special challenges, industrial PCs must meet. Industrial PCs do continuously and safely used modern computer technology, even under extreme conditions. Used also in the manufacturing automation as in computer-assisted quality assurance or in sensitive measuring stations. In any case, they must be extremely robust and resistant to successfully defy the adverse conditions of industrial production. Dust, dirt, extreme temperatures and mechanical loads, such as those encountered under industrial conditions, would quickly destroy any Office PC.

An industrial PC, however, must permanently without prejudice to survive them. For this reason, it is incorporated into a special housing, the to the concrete Place resists to existing circumstances. Must work the computer weather outdoors, it may be necessary to hermetically seal off the entire computer system from the environment and passive to cool so that it does not damage the internal components. Electromagnetic fields are able to destroy electronic components. A special shielding of the housing and connectors ensures that industrial PCs remain even undamaged, if harmful field strengths at their location. Similar harmful strong shaking can affect, if moving parts in the PC will be used. Here too, industrial PCs need to be adjusted as appropriate. The use of solid state from moving parts disks, touchscreens and passive system cooling your computer and lets him better withstand vibrations.

While under harsh environmental conditions, the computer must be protected, have highly sensitive equipment often before the electromagnetic emissions or mechanical Shocks emanating from your computer are stored. Basically the same shielding, as for the protection of your computer against a harmful environmental principles here. The partners of the Berliner Zieger GmbH manufacture high-quality industrial PCs, which permanently to defy even the most adverse circumstances for many years. The Zieger GmbH questions further to industrial computer technology at any time.



April 23rd


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