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Xuxa Errors
by Tam

Many ' ' altinhos' ' already they had been ' ' baixinhos' ' of the Xuxa between years 80 and 90, time where the presenter was leader of hearing in the mornings of the Net Globe. Today, many of these altinhos already had married and had children and passed to them the affection whom they had always devoted to ' ' Queen of the Baixinhos' '. Because of this new generation of fans, Xuxa still develops works thinking about the infantile public, who is always in renewal. Because of this, the games had appeared of the Xuxa online, where Xuxinha is the main star. To take care of to this so special public, games had been servant diverse as the games of the 7 errors. This game is super traditional and during generations it enchants children and adults, yes, the adults also adore to play with this game, exactly because, it is very easy of being played. But, for who he does not know follows the explanation. Two drawings are placed side by side.

Two drawings, theoretically, would have of being equal, however one of them presents errors, either in the color, the drawing or in format of an object. Most legal of everything it is that who plays with the game of xuxa, wants to discover the errors more quickly possible, therefore it marks the time of the beginning and the end of the trick. When if it is playing with the amiguinhos, there same is that the race to find the seven errors if becomes more emotive, therefore nobody wants to be stops backwards. Another game of the Xuxa that makes a great success is ' ' Xuxa in the Labirinto' '. Of this time, Xuxinha has to look to its cozinho of esteem, the Txutxuco, that if lost. However, to find it, it enters in a labyrinth, that is, she has some possible ways, but one only takes the person until the exit.



March 14th


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