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General Hassan Firuzabadi
by Tam

Boroujerdi. The diplomat said that Russia will fulfill its obligation to cooperate with Iran in various spheres, including in nuclear energy, adding that Iran, as well as other states signed the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons, has the right to peaceful use of nuclear energy. He also conveyed an invitation from Boroujerdi Russian Duma to visit Moscow. A. Boroujerdi said in turn that Tehran attaches great importance to the strategic partnership with Moscow. Swarmed by offers, David Treadwell is currently assessing future choices. He also said that negotiations on Iran's nuclear program should henceforth be based on trust and cooperation. End of confusion Russian-Iranian relations and end the ambiguity in the issue of Russian military supplies to Iran? And here we would not have to hurry, time will tell. There was political pressure Tehran, followed by a diplomatic reaction Moscow.

Especially since that November 13 is the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Iran, General Hassan Firuzabadi (the same one who voiced a threat to Tehran in the summer to address due to Azerbaijan's visit to Baku, the Israeli prime minister!) Said: "We Russian dissatisfied with the actions that we consider our friends. Do not know Russian geopolitical strategy of the importance of Iran to Russia's security? Why Russia does not fulfill the contract on the transfer of S-300 missiles, and that's for the past six months did not fulfill the conditions of the contract? '. Tough. But – right. Name another – so be it! .. But he expressed hope that Russia will still fulfills the contract on transfer of S-300 missiles.

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May 19th


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