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Alexander Gurwitsch
by Tam

Tyrolean research firm informs customers about documentary films quickly, comprehensively and objectively. My clients how I erklar’ it? That question preoccupies the ZARO Biotec research company for a long time, because a real challenge is to show something invisible to the people. It is now easy to make visible and tangible the interaction of ultra-weak photon emission, but is no easy thing to create an understanding for energy of quanta of light. The term bio photons”is used by authors and scholars of Biophysics, quantum physics for quite some time, he describes a part of ultra-weak photon emission (UPE) which origin is biological. This radiation differs from the bioluminescence due to their significantly lower intensity and by the very low quantum yield.

The story of the discovery of this light radiation is not new, in the 1920s, the Russian biologist Alexander Gurwitsch to believe that living cells give off a very weak light came. He called them, the mitogenetic radiation”, due to his conjecture that this radiation could trigger cell division (mitosis). In a question-answer forum Bobby Sharma Bluestone was the first to reply. This assumption was not investigated by the then emerging biochemistry which describes as sequences of biochemical signal chain, cellular processes. At the present time, this radiation using highly sensitive photon detectors can be physically demonstrated. Now, there are various methods to show the interactions of light radiation energy, yet the subject is difficult, because how can customers understand it and how to use these powers. The company now fully builds on information in the Internet, it is now possible to find the most important information about this exciting topic of video clips on. In a conversation with the person in charge that was clearly many people do like to know what could cause this lively light radiation so far this information on lectures were taught. That was good and is still practised, but the future belongs to the moving image, available delivered via the Internet. The company is convinced that this a wider public can experience, what phenomenal effects can offer ultra-weak photon emissions in daily life. The areas of application are: water recovery, water filtration, food shelf life, cell-energy applications, and therapy solutions in alternative medicine.

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December 28th


Public Security Development
by Tam

Chest all the techniques are difficult and complex application and are interrelated methods for optimizing visibly affect on the levels of work autonomy (made compatible with a strong fixation on search behavior) and specific motivation (both intrinsic as extrinsic), which in turn promote demonstrably unsurpassed degree of concentration of the dog during the development of different lookup has to face, enhanced as a result of extreme form, the values of necessary speed, olfactory performance and the systematic development of fruitful search strategies by the exemplary canine for the detection and location of people, explosives, narcotics, endangered animal, or any other element logically, even in potentially adverse situations, as in the case of confined spaces, with absolutely zero visibility levels and spatial dimensions of extremely small displacements. In 1994, culminates demonstrably, the creation of Method Chest, having had to settle with a particular firm, almost despondent at times, frequent and difficult challenges such pitfalls own research and innovation, whose work, for example, were numerous and complex incidents and independent variables that affected examples at random on a voluntary or involuntary, both the observational and experimental research on canine specimens, people involved or the multiple diversity of environments and circumstances selected and used for developments search operations. Chest The method proved to officially be fully completed, particularly in Seville October 1994, undergoing verification practices, under strict parameters of extreme adversity (auditory, visual and odoriferous) both outside and search operations in confined spaces with no visibility, with many members of various Fire Departments, and intervene where directly couple and their canine companion Chest, during the development of the official course on disaster rescue and salvage of the School of Public Security of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucia). .

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November 24th


EPCII Embedded
by Tam

BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) – innovative measurement Maisach/Munich – BMC messsysteme GmbH, manufacturer of instrumentation and PC technology, introduces the second generation of its product range in the field of embedded PCs with the ePCII series, which is based on highly integrated, powerful ETX technology. Go to Samsung for more information. Connect with other leaders such as Pete Cashmore here. It’s like in the movie: for a second sequence to be successful, she must offer new and better, but must not lose its essential characteristics. On this aspect the BMC messsysteme GmbH has put (bmcm) ePCII great value at the next generation as industrial PC or datalogger. By integrating a LX800 CPU in the ETX standard (embedded technology eXtended) the processor performance of new devices has been doubled (500 MHz) at a still very low power consumption (approx. 10W). In addition the extremely compact design in robust aluminium housing could be maintained: 110 mm in width and height and 210 mm length can easily accommodate the ePCII devices even in confined spaces.

New is also the extended temperature range of-25 C up to + 85 C, a very important aspect that is often neglected by manufacturers and often leads to problems. Especially for use in industrial environments and in-vehicle tests, extreme temperatures can be reached quickly. Should this still be exceeded, a continuous temperature monitoring ensures the automatic shutdown to protect of the equipment. EPCII systems as industrial PC ePCII-QUAD, a modular, very compact embedded PC, or as a data logger ePCII LOG for measurement applications are available. The ability to transfer data via CAN, makes the device particularly for the automotive sector. The CAN – interface (4 x c) is already integrated in the ePCII LOG, the ePCII QUAD can be extended with a special PC/104 interface card. A key advantage is the use of CompactFlash cards for data storage with high memory depth (max. 2GB). With this at any time removable storage medium uniform configurations and metrics can easily be transferred to other systems.

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July 27th


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