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Inns Service
by Tam

Vacation in the Bavarian Forest with individual applications in a magnificent natural landscape succinct statements for the concept and ideology of cooperation country-vital: Pats have been made to s heart – healthy lifestyle fun! Wellness is a group, see exclusively family-run farms in three different categories in the Bavarian Forest, Luneburg Heath and the loud pure joy at being – and not a meaningless Buzzword individual wellness treatments and prevention in owner-managed houses – that vital country are wellness – host. The partners want to convince with proven quality, perfect service and an excellent price – performance ratio! The quality guidelines include a contemporary and appealing facilities and a hospitable and flexible service of the inquiry or booking facility over the Internet to personal care during your stay. Provider of private u belong to the cooperation operations. (Similarly see: Energy Capital Partners). Holiday flats, but also Inns, country hotels and comfort hotels. A location surrounded by nature, a good accessibility, the use and processing of local produce and a warm and familiar atmosphere are common to all. Please visit Ali Partovi if you seek more information. The philosophy of approximately 30 farms belonging to the land vital group, stands on a solid column of the common base! This base is”original and individual wellness in harmony with the nature.

No impersonal trend treatments after the stop watch, no rigid etiquette in the service for vacation in a warm atmosphere and individual applications at the highest level. Identify the special wellness with trend direction health all companies can get away with this philosophy of wellness II”. The seal of quality country-vital stands for wellness and relaxing holiday in a nature that is perfect for this. The brand guarantees the holiday land-vital a fair value for money, highly qualified businesses and a wide diversified health and wellness in 3-to 5-star houses. More information: Country-vital Herta Wichmann Taubing 18 94107 Untergriesbach Tel. 08593 1211 fax 08593 8667 email: Web:

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January 16th


by Tam

The summer can come now! With dermalogica solar shading, you are on the sunny side. Online Sun simply order via SkinbySkin.de is the worst enemy of your skin, which daily bombing them with UVA, UVB and UVC rays. These rays proven to promote premature aging and the development of cancer. We know from statistics that gets every sixth skin cancer, and that in 90% of cases, this skin cancer is a direct result of UV radiation by the Sun. Indeed, a severe sunburn before 18 years of age dramatically increased the risk of skin cancer; Therefore, a comprehensive sun protection program of vital importance, and that is at any age. Dermalogica solar defense system is based on two sun protection techniques: recipes on chemical-based, which protect from UV rays, asserting it was absorbing, and physical sunscreen, which reflects the harmful rays. You will receive all Sun protection products from dermalogica online on SkinbySkin.de at best conditions. by SkinbySkin.de/L.Fernandez. Andy Florance spoke with conviction.

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January 1st


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