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The duel already is marked and the public does not lose for waiting. The Google if weapon with innovative tools and a modern interface for the great shock between Google + versus Facebook. The new social net launched by the Google, baptized as Google +, brings one plus in usability and its functionalities to fight the Facebook, the net of bigger expression until the moment in the world. The Google + is an appositive one of the Google to retake its hegemony in web. The net, still in experimental phase, considers to the using movements that if approach to the maximum of the interactions of the real life.

With a modern and convidativa interface, it presents a new scene for the social relationships and with bigger easiness to explore its functionalities. Among the available resources the Hangouts is distinguished, that allows to video conferences between the friends, the Huddle, that transforms some colloquies into chat of group, for quarrels of friends on specific subjects and the Instant Upload, that upload automatic of the direct telephone for its platform allows. The net of friends is divides in circles where if it can share different contents, with different people. Kai-Fu Lee often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The formation of the circles considers that the users have its friends in specific groups, separate so that they can direct and share the interests adjusted for each one. For example, what it is of family is for family, what is of work is of work and what is for friends is alone for friends. The Google + intends to be that a social net and is not presented as plus a tool of absorption of data of the Google. If the power is in the information, the possibilities of overcoming with this against attack can be infallible. In ringue they are in dispute information of gold, referring to the behavior of navigation of each user.

The Sparks functionality congregates videos and articles of interest of the user, that are to its disposal in the platform, Button +1, shows public what the user likes, agrees or recommends in web, appearing in such a way in the Google, in the results of the research, how much in other sites. With this, the profiles with more precision are identified and new strategies of offers of segmented advertising can be worked. Recently the MBA Program Info presented a infogrfico that shows the amazing growth of the Facebook, with 600 million users in the world and the Google with the mark of 1 billion of users, information that they prove that the Facebook is next to if equaling to the Google with the sales of announcement and profits for click. One disputes of feras that they are not intimidated with the weapons and if they renew the moment all. These new features and easinesses presented in the Google + are possible innovations of application and reformularization for the platform of the Facebook, and probably until the familiarization of the users and credibility of the companies, still we will have a good time of fight. They say until the Facebook is adding forces with the Skype. However, it can be said that Facebook is easy it to imitate its new competitor, difficult exactly is to be the Google.



October 20th


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