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He uses the same business model as Livejournal: a lot of the basic free service. All that is declared free, remains so forever, but eventually there are paid bonuses and 'upgrades', ie begins with 'monetization' service. On wordpress.com works and the popularity of its free standalone engine, of which many write and speak and who plow thousands of writers Open source, whose best and most popular ideas are introduced in the next version of 'Wordpress' (including commercial). Thus, people without a host, or do not want to bother with installing a separate engine, or wishing to join the already formed part of the blogosphere, choose WordPress.com. In conjunction with the offer to purchase the missing features, it is quite possible to take a blog-hosting or hosting with preinstalled platform.

But not all lack of opportunities provided by the dot-com. Anyway, it set the same for all the code that allows only a blog and moderate – only very moderately! – His tune. (In the context of Web 1.0 it would be hosting, in which can not put their scripts, but you can use the pre-holiday book or chat.) On the other hand, the discussion of the problem we must not stand-alone 'Wordpress' own. Therefore, we use one of the hosting with pre-installed 'Wordpress', which will be completely in our power! There are many (at least in the West), the list you will see on the page wordpress. org / hosting. Look at the suggestion of one of the providers: for $ 7 a month we receive, but referred to wp, but apart from him 200 gb (!) space, free domain name, 2 terabytes of traffic per month, the implied warranty of 99% of the time, and much more.



December 12th


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