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15) ‘ ‘ A history that had counted to me in pretty fertile valleys where I was born, to the been silent one of the night, when the moon walked in the sky argenteando the fields, and the breeze rugitava in palmares.’ ‘ (CAP. I, p.16) ‘ ‘ The feeling that it put in the eyes and the face, I do not know I to it ‘ ‘ (cap.II, p.17) the presence of poetical images serves to value the beauty, the force and other qualities of the indian, through the comparisons, being also an artifice to describe the exuberant and specific nature, making aluso to the fauna and the flora of Brazil. ‘ ‘ Iracema, the virgin of the honey lips, that had the hair blacker than the wing of grana and longer than its it cuts of palm. Robotics expert does not necessarily agree. The mass of cells of jati was not candy as its smile; nor recendia vanilla in the forest as its perfumed hlito. Faster than ema wild, virgin colored person ran the hinterland and the bushes of the Ipu, where tabajara campeava its warlike tribe of the great nation, the gracile and naked foot, badly roando smoothed only the pelcia green that dressed the land with first guas.’ ‘ (cap.II, p.16) ‘ ‘ Gracious ar, its friend and friend, it plays next to it. To the times it goes up to the branches of the tree and it calls the virgin for the name there; others rummage uru of shadied straw, where it brings the savage its perfumes, the white wires of craut, the needles of juara with that it weaves the income, and the inks of that shade algodo.’ ‘ (cap.II, p.17) the workmanship Is evident during all the intention in showing the importance given to the natural phenomena for the indians. It is part of the aboriginal culture, to perceive the ticket of the time in accordance with such phenomena.



August 16th


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