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Before suicidarce together the majority of the guys participants already than up to now-talk about the Conqueror at the end of the world broadcast by channel thirteen program in 2008 they had no work after the failure of the raality that brought no more than decepsion for the inbolucrados in this failed project of promofilms will be given another taste of for these off-road guys: since the week coming and for four more weeks, former participants of the raality more anonymous in the country will be uploaded to the tables in the cube Theater (located in Zelaya 3053, Abasto) to make of themselves in where this fame?, a musical for adolescents than perhaps drag theater to the exponents of curiosity and some that other fans of the program, is worth recoradr that tube ten point hearing all his way, them deceamos luck and know that tambein appealed to EU algunq other escandalete .Since that play with a not very promoted romance of a participant called romina villola and a journalist nicknamed chimentos – tet – married, and sigiendo this line of chimentos also will leave the promoted popular outdoor romance pollastro former sebastian Web big brother and fernando tarruella chicken the evil conqueror, we hope that the work is good and lasts that were promised, the members of the Club of production are conpuesto by people from the medium as segio company claudio delgado. Camilo ubulon-. Hopefully the time to accompany them and from now as if surely survived wing Argentine patagonia will survive to this future failure… well considering the elements I say.



January 18th


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