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Between the lines Sub and End Sub type operators vba, which should be included in the macro. To make the code easier to read, for each operator should indent. To do this at the beginning of the line, press the ‘Tab’. (But do not do this for strings Sub and End Sub). It is convenient that the editor saves the indentation for subsequent lines, so the need to manually indent only the first line.

Every time when you press the button to start a new line, the editor checks the input string and performs three steps: 1. Each word in a string formatted color: default vba keywords are highlighted in blue, Comments – green, red bugs, and any other text is black. 2. Keywords vba converted into the appropriate register. For example, if you enter the end sub, then after pressing ‘Enter’ editor converts this entry End Sub. 3.

Editor checks the line for syntax errors. These errors are misspelled, entered incorrectly functions, etc. Editor notifies such error. It either displays a dialog box that shows error, or simply does not translate the words in a register does not change the text color. If you enter all keywords vba only lowercase letters, it is possible to detect errors. To do this, after the transition to a new line look at the previous – whether on her key words that the editor did not recognize (ie keywords that are left in lowercase). Perform a simple example: 1. Enter the sub Privet_Mir and press ‘Enter’. 2. Press ‘Tab’ and enter the msgbox ‘Hello, world vba!’ and press ‘Enter’. From any application of Office macro can be run in several ways, but below are two ways: 1. In the module, place the cursor anywhere in the macro, and then click Run => Run Sub / UserForm (Run> Run subroutine / custom form), or press F5. 2. In Office command Tools => Macro => Macros (or press the key combination ‘ALT + F8’), a dialog box “macro”. If necessary, Use the drop-down “Macros” to select the document that contains the macro and click Run. If you run a macro that we created earlier, then you will see a dialog box which will contain the text “Hello world vba Click ok to close this window.



November 3rd


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