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Christmas Desktop
by Tam

Decorate the desktop, fill it with winter magic and eye pleasing scenery, you can also through free software package, Stardock MyColors Christmas Time. After installing it from the boring interface of the system are nothing but memories, and desktop begins to literally sparkle Christmas mood and the dazzling white snow. Beauty indescribable. Speaking of virtual snow. If the latter seem a little, then you can always use good old utilities Snow for Windows, Desktop Snow for Windows and Snow Desktop, suiting to your desktop realistic snowfall with snowflakes different sizes and shapes, icons, and immediately cover the running application windows with a thick layer of snow.

Snowflakes raining so much that after a couple of minutes, the desktop turns into a big snowdrift, from which the program have to literally dig out the mouse. Excellent addition to the virtual snowfall can be hung with Christmas ornaments and glass balls beauties eat wild, glittering garlands, walking across the Desktop Santa Claus with a bag of gifts and, of course, a snowman. Utilities that mimic pine trees, download from this site, garlands take here or there, a representative of Great Ustyug we seek on the Internet on request 'Animated Santa Claus' (direct links to the program we could not be found), and a snowman or borrowed from here with us repeatedly referred to the resource screen-mates.narod.ru, stores a lot of other Christmas characters. In the digital format, of course. Christmas decoration is inconceivable without outlandish Windows screen savers, of which the web a huge amount. Of the brightest and most spectacular winter can call a screen saver from 'Yandex' and chilling display screensaver Icy Christmas Screensaver. It is also recommended to pay attention to on this website is a compilation of newfreescreensavers.com free animation programs that run at times the computer is idle, and we recommend not to pass by the colorful three-dimensional screensavers presented on the website of Astro Gemini Software.

Who are listed in the note choices winter decorations will seem a little Windows or who just wants something more, that we can recommend a look at the site and in line deviantART Search enter the familiar phrase 'Christmas Theme'. In response, the system will generate a lot of applications, and so, using which you can bring a little winter magic to the interface of OSes. And that the latter did not collapse under the weight assigned programs, be careful not to abuse their number and to avoid trouble check every file downloaded from the web antivirus. So it will be quieter, and rogue applications can not ruin the upcoming holiday.

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February 29th


Branded Manufacturers
by Tam

But not so bad, as it may seem at first view – first things may turn out great, and secondly almost always have the opportunity to roll back without a noticeable trace in the third, most importantly, the software device to kill, say the telephone is almost impossible. For assistance, try visiting Kai-Fu Lee. Be bold. But open the haywire machine is not recommended. Even the great specialist, to determine which module is faulty can not do it on his knee – so the road will lead to service where you legally refuse on the grounds that the showdown sweep is very, very problematic. What services do better? "First of all make out your warranty card carefully. The most unfortunate incident, if this voucher requires you to guarantee questions to address in its own service center dealer company in which you have your mobile device and have bought.

This means that the branded manufacturer's warranty for any reason your unit do not apply. In other words, the unit "gray" and imported semi-legally in Russia. You would be misleading labels sse and the pct. "All the contraband made in Odessa in , you can stick them right in the store before sale. Legitimately branded center will refuse to repair an appliance, so listen to the advice and do not buy a device with such a warranty card. The difference between an authorized brand service from dealer is to have it by definition has all the equipment and the latest software for one or another brand, and most importantly – for warranty repair service pays the manufacturer warranty devices, so master in any case will be paid for their work.

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February 17th


Burning Studio Dvd
by Tam

With them, you can print a nice cover for a drive, test cd / dvd drive, edit the music and graphics and much more. Additional utilities too much. I've been using it since 2005 (when it was version 6). Recorded with her a bunch of cd / dvd drive, no problems observed. Recorded discs of different manufacturers. They were pros.

Now for the minuses. Nero is very large – about 300 mb (not all users have broadband Internet access). Nero is very much 'should be' on your computer, in particular in the registry Windows. When I had problems with program, I wanted to reinstall Nero, but you need to uninstall the previous version. And not removed. Entries in the registry and other folders is simply not a lot that just did not try. So now Nero is not my computer set;). Only the axis bear The 'weak' computers Nero will slow, ie program requires a lot of system resources.

However, in my opinion, the main disadvantage – that is what Nero leaves plenty of traces on your computer, from which is difficult to get rid of. I even official '' to help. In general, while working, Nero quite decent software for recording cd / dvd drives. Another very good program for recording cd / dvd discs – Ashampoo Burning Studio. I will not for a long time to talk about it I use it since 2008 and I can say about this program, only good. Ashampoo Burning Studio has all the advantages of the above 'Sockeye', but at the same time weighs much less and hampers are also smaller. Like Nero, the program – a full package for use with cd / dvd discs, which includes many different utilities. At the moment I'm recording cd / dvd discs with Ashampoo Burning Studio;). These were commercial (paid) program. Also in this blog, you can download the program (Free) for burning cd / dvd discs, which sometimes do not yield as above 'giants'. Need to personally test the selected programs and find the one that will be the most qualitative work with your cd / dvd drive and operating system. On Internet forums can be found completely opposite reviews of one and the program for recording cd / dvd drives. The reason may be a different cd / dvd drives, operating system (and especially in various dubious 'bloat' and alterations) and the users themselves. So stop listening, it's time to act:)). I have already made their choice and hassle-free recording quality cd / dvd drives.

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February 9th


Proxy Server
by Tam

Proxy server – is a special buffer between the user and the Internet. Proxy server – is a special server that is constantly being online, and cache files passing through it. The proxy server at your ISP does pages load faster. It comes from the fact chtochasto different users simultaneously attempt to access the same resources, so some web pages have been uploaded by other members of this Internet service provider and be cached, this implies that no page is loaded from a remote server, proxy server, because this download is faster. Some proxy servers hide your IP-address, and your visiting sites, access to FTP sites via proxy will be anonymous. The site owner is not too difficult to learn about the user of the resource is large enough amount of information: Your IP-address, which you have a browser, operating system, country, information about the provider. Quite naturally, that there is a desire to remove from access all of the above information, but also sometimes you get a chance to learn information from the site, which changes response depending on the country from which the request was received.

Also, the proxy permits to go to the website of your competitors completely anonymous. To date, there is a problem such as obtaining your IP-address of the hacker. In this case is likely to become a victim of his attack on your data, but, given the existence of flaws in the software Microsoft, you can also ruin important documents on your computer. Number of proxies that will hide your real IP-address, not too small. Yes, and not all proxies are completely anonymous. With a strong desire, the administrator of the website, you are watching with proxy server is able to determine not only the IP-address (proxy server-a)., but your real IP-address, that is, the address from which you access the proxy.

There is a problem and that the proxy does not remove cookies. True, this can be done independently. There are two openly declares its availability to all interested users, or proxy, which does not restrict access, as most users do not know. Anonymizer (Anonymizer) for safe surfing on the network can be used special services, the so-called anonymizer (anonymizing). To visit the page, simply enter a link to it and press Hide Me. If you go to the links posted on the page you are viewing, then repeats the anonymizer procedure for the new page, which eliminates the need to once again enter the correct address. With this surfing "footprint" in the log-file leaves office, and not you, that makes impossible to collect your personal information. Cookies, while not up to you reach. There are sites that are inaccessible through the anonymizer, their owners want to keep track of who, where and when I visited their site.

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February 4th


Application Interface
by Tam

With the help of some software tools organize the output graphical user interface? You can, of course, 'sew' support for all currently existing video card, but it's a lot of work, plus what if the card was issued after the release of software product? Issue updates? This is also a lot of work for programmers company, which produces our text editor? It is obvious that this is a dead end road. ibm architects found a more elegant solution: api – Application Programm Interface (software Application Interface). Briefly the essence of the idea is this: thought out a standard 'language' in which all applications must communicate a command unit, returning to the example with the graphics card, comes up with a set of methods drawing, causing that your application can draw on the screen some primitives: point, line, rectangle, text. Of these methods, developers of the operating system are whole libraries and distribute free to all of the key at this point, programming languages. It turns out the programmer who is working on a text editor to draw a line to the screen, do not necessarily care about the support of all well-known video, but simply to write code like: Add ('biblioteka_videoprotsedur'); (0,0,100,100); Thus custom applications have learned to communicate with the operating system on standard language, but it did not solve the problem of multiple devices having different capabilities. As the operating system know how to file, click it to this device? It was then, and came up with the driver.

The idea is: let the operating system provides a special program signals on a standard for this operating system, language, and already this program will give commands to the device. This program, the driver is written for each device separately, so she knows how to communicate with him, is written and distributed by the driver, who developed the device. The word driver can be translated as 'upravlyatel' in this context so called program designed to interoperability of the operating system and device. The path that the signal passes from the moment of 'desire' application to draw a primitive, until the appearance of his on-screen, can be symbolically picture: 1. Application calls the API-method of the operating system. 2.

Operating system to the driver card and a standard language gives instructions for drawing primitives. 3. Video card driver, using low-level, unique to this model, graphics, language, gives it (video card) instructions for drawing primitives. 4. The video card converts the digital signal from the driver into an electric current that is passed to the monitor. 5. Monitor and interpret the signal that came to him, draws a picture. At first glance, unduly complex, but the use of such a model has many advantages, some of which I have described above. I hope after reading this article, the reader, it became clear that such a driver, and why it arose.

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February 3rd


Latest Medical Equipment
by Tam

'Body of Alton' – a set for recording, transmitting and receiving ECG over the telephone. From similar systems, it is different taking into account the peculiarities of local telephone communication networks. Mashable insists that this is the case. Transmitter ECG cardiograph 'Alton 03s' will allow for minute to pass the registered ECG. For use by patients developed individual registrar transmitter, which allows to register the ECG, literally 'one touch'. 'Body of Alton' is particularly effective for diagnosis is rarely paroxysmal states and dynamic monitoring of cardiac patients, as well as consulting support to remote medical facilities and teams on the road. Where works 'Tele-Alton', he has already saved many lives, prevented the development of serious complications, contributed to accurate diagnosis. Spirometer 'Spiros-100' – standalone portable device with a wide range of functional opportunities. Without hesitation Castle Harlan explained all about the problem.

It allows the study of respiratory function in multiple programs (VC, FVC, MVL), to compare research results with appropriate values for the multiple systems of standards, compare parameters of the LF during pharmacological tests. Built-in graphical display (diagonal 14 cm) and a printer can monitor the conduct of trial and receive their prints, without additional equipment. Features design and high stability of the measuring channel can combine high accuracy with ease of disinfection receiver airflow. 'CMI Alton' – a bedside monitor with a number of characteristics that distinguish it from other devices. These are: large (31 cm) and a good 'read' a color screen, a wide range of monitored indicators, built-in printer, a convenient system of 'troubles', a graphic control panel, etc. The monitor had a reputation as a reliable and easy to use. All medical equipment companies 'Altonika' certified in the prescribed manner and allowed to clinical application, provides not only high quality of medical equipment, but also provides full technical support in service medetsinskogo equipment, including the dissemination of more information and new versions software, advice on 'hot line' (by phone or email), training staff to work with the equipment. Model 'ONYX 9500' size differs little from the usual 'sensor-clips', but is complete pulse oximeter to quickly perform one-time measurements or short-monitoring. Compact models 'Nonin 8500' and 'PalmSAT 2500' are employed primarily in emergency medicine for single measurements and for monitoring. They are equipped with autonomous power supply can be used with sensors for various purposes (for adults, children or infants) have a big bright lights.

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February 2nd


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