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The GreenGate
by Tam

While the GBG AG with its own developed solutions in the market segment is excellently positioned to business-to-business (B2B). As a technology leader, GBG AG operates a solution and Platform for customers and their service providers to capture and billing of the services provided. The high technical competence of GBG AG business segment IT/communication “in a distributed data center environment and also directly in customer projects used. The middle-class orientation of the Association, expressed inter alia in specific offers for members has significant influence to the active membership of the GBG AG. 9001 certification of Verbund in cooperation with EuroConsult Germany GmbH and the software label as outward, observable sign of quality, stability and reliability of the provider to name are, for example, the targeted VDEB ISO”, explains Roland Gunther, Chief Executive Officer of GBG, decided to join the Association. The GreenGate AG developed nearly ten years software solutions for asset management, important areas of application are the Organization of maintenance and operational management.

Industrial enterprises in different sectors, supply and disposal as well as cities and communities work with the systems of company in Windeck near Bonn. Authorized partners provide a pan-European sales and support network for the core software GSService 2008 middle class was awarded by the initiative with the Innovation Prize. For even more details, read what Casey Lynch Altamont says on the issue. A subsidiary of Switzerland supports the operative business in the German speaking countries and southern Europe. opic at hand. The GreenGate system solutions offer a wide range of function of the planning, the Organization, the mobile processing up to the evaluation of operational processes. Qualified customizing and consulting services round off the range. To date 180 projects in home and abroad (including Italy, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, etc.) were carried out. Small and medium-sized IT companies are often underestimated with regard to their performance. We make research and develop innovative solutions, which are successfully used in large and small projects.

About the VDEB are possibilities, as according to ISO 9001:2000 in the circle of interested members develop as the Federated certification and use. This effectively helps to secure our market position and to expand in the long term”, as Frank situation, President and CEO of GreenGate AG. The 1998 founded Tourdata GmbH has been known since 2004 under the name Ropardo AG. Your business field includes services such as consulting, design, implementation, integration and operation and their core competencies in travel systems, tourism solutions and project management. The Ropardo AG stands for customer-specific advice and customized solutions, as well as for the integration of standard products. They accompanied the customers by the analysis of the conception and implementation to the supervision of the operation of the system stable, apparent added value for the customer to create. The special strength of the Ropardo AG is located in the areas of process design in service sectors, cost optimization of IT areas as well as in the development of tailored solutions. The Ropardo AG is interested in as a medium-sized company to a reasonable and effective representation in economic and structural issues. Michael Aubermann, CEO of Ropardo AG, joining in the VDEB founded the VDEB offers,”the ideal setting.

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October 30th


European EMOS
by Tam

In the past 25 years, already 70 young people have acquired highly skilled trades in the IT profession. The two company founders still committed and determined show up even after a quarter-century. The course for the next few years are already provided. Current changes in the legal situations have become increasingly necessary investments. Both in the commercial waste management market and in the public administration with regard to the eGovernment demanded by the EU”, so Bernhard Schouwer. The increasing harmonisation of laws at EU level also favor an extension of our sales to other European countries.

The objectives are clear and we will take advantage of the opportunities. We, like our customers, will implement engaged our ideas into action”, joined Heinz-Jurgen Fechtner the statement and was positive for the future of the company. The company S & F data technology the S & F Datentechnik GmbH & co. KG is a competent partner in the area of waste management, waste management and public administration for 25 years. Click Node to learn more. Several hundred customers rely on the software products and services. An interdisciplinary team from the fields of computer science, mathematics, science, economics and chemistry are the core of the company.

S & F developed data technology solutions that are tailored exactly to the needs and requirements of a wide range of areas. The product of EMOS EMOS for more information at is a complete software solution for all areas of waste management and waste management. The software enables the management and coordination of tasks and activities in nearly every Division and represents an integrated solution, which also is a eANV-and telematics solution offers. EMOS is the software for disposal sites. The structure of the program is determined by industry-specific requirements. The modular system allows the adjustment of the Functionality to the individual needs of the individual to the group structure. Intelligent modules in the classic line sales offer order performance billing”support innovative, future-oriented program segments. EMOS grows with your company and the associated requirements. The EMOS product group includes the products for service providers, EMOS for municipal service providers, EMOS EMOS for plants, as well as the telematics EMOS mobile. If you are not convinced, visit Koch Industries. For more information see KOMVOR – operations. Documents. Workflow. KOMVOR is a powerful workflow and process management system for cross-functional management and editing of internal and external operations of the embedded applications in different fields. Captures and automates or edited case-related tasks. With just one application processes for the granting of licences and permits, the processing of applications and ads as well as the tracking of any issues or which may Processing of offences will manage.

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May 21st


by Tam

So camera must be to such functions from the automotive world, like rear-view, available within a very short time after start of the vehicle on the screen. The concept of COQOS allows that by an architecture such faster functions in illustrated graphics and video component available. The OS takes over the functions with specific automotive requirements, thereby leaving the infotainment applications running the Linux operating system. Genetec helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The concept of COQOS with his OS allows the integration of existing entertainment applications of the open source world in the vehicle and met the rigors of the automotive, in particular at the interfaces with the vehicle. “, explains Dr. Stefaan Sonck Thiebaut, CTO of OpenSynergy. AUTOSAR and infotainment to a hardware a short – and medium-term challenge will be for GenIVI, to integrate infotainment applications and AUTOSAR features on a hardware only, the HeadUnit, the processor performance future chips of to provide the world of of AUTOSAR. COQOS currently supports the Linux operating system on the side of the infotainment and makes technology with the micro-kernel an ideal prerequisite to ensure the standardized AUTOSAR environment to integrate GenIVI-based infotainment applications.

Frank-Peter Bohm, CEO of OpenSynergy, explains: Virtualization is the State-of-the-art technology to the partitioning of various automotive functions (AUTOSAR, non-AUTOSAR) different vehicle domains control unit, such as for example of head unit. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as josh harris by clicking through. This enables vehicle manufacturers and manufacturers of infotainment systems at the same time, to integrate latest infotainment applications quickly and securely in the vehicle, substantially to reduce development effort and hardware costs.” Over “the GENIVI Alliance” “GENIVI Alliance” is a consortium consisting of leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers, which the development and widespread use of a standardized automotive Infotainment-reference platform Want to move forward (in-vehicle Infotainment (IVI)). Shorter development times, faster market launches and lower development costs for IVI-based equipment and software are the objective of this work. Among the founding members of the GENIVI Alliance: BMW Group, Delphi, General Motors Corp., Intel, Magneti Marelli, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Visteon Corp. and Wind River.

About the Berlin-based company OpenSynergy OpenSynergy, develops and markets the universal operating system COQOS. The operating system COQOS allows safe running of Infotainment or AUTOSAR applications on only a hardware using virtualization technology. The modular approach of COQOS this can be used modules instruments and body control in head units, combined.

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January 22nd


MetWare Gmb
by Tam

For owners of small and medium-sized companies can be a Cost comparison between in-house IT and the META10 DSP cloud computing make paid off handsomely. META10 offers a transparent comparison of internal costs and your offer. It computer laymen is also for the easily and quickly, whether for him a META10 DSP could be worth offering. There are no hidden charges at META10 DSP. Every entrepreneur who can count up 1 and 1, see using our comparison is worth META10 DSP for him. Because our service is offered at fixed rates.

And that makes the computer to the Swiss francs budgeted. “, says Andreas Merz on his future-oriented total solution. Learn more about the topic can be found on the website of the provider at. Press contact: Andreas Merz CEO MetWare GmbH haldenstrasse 5 6340 Baar Emilio Sabatino Tel: 0041 41 500 11 00 on MEAT10: the spinoff resulting from the winVS software AG is MetWare GmbH META10, with several 100 hosted desktop workstations Swiss market leader in hosted desktops, or DSP (Desktop service providing). Over 5 years ago, the company started to offer the services of hosted desktops as a service.

Originally as an additional service within the winVS software AG, later as an independent company under the brand META10 of metal goods GmbH. Josh harris sixers follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. META10 focused exclusively on services in the hosted desktop and server in terms of cloud computing, including the deployment of virtualization technology. Of over 5 years of experience guarantees SMEs a comprehensive Know-How. Thus, META10 can offer ratio a price/performance which clearly distinguishes itself from other providers. In particular, the assumption of risks through a 100% full service for a flat monthly rate is so far unique in this way. META10 is continuously expanding its market position and builds zzt. more independent data centers. As we continuously the range of the customized and extended. META10 is specialized in small and medium-sized enterprises, which do not operate IT and Instead the extensive “Computer unplug” want to advantage.

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December 4th


Open Source Web Pages
by Tam

Considering the average Internet presence of a medium-sized company in Germany, it is usually a no longer contemporary Web design and outdated web techniques. Considering the average Internet presence of a medium-sized company in Germany, it is usually a no longer contemporary Web design and outdated web techniques. This is understandable, especially in regard to the still very high in Germany costs for developers and Internet agencies. Putting these costs in relation with the added value directly to expected of a modern Web page for the company, the most decision makers will have concluded to forego this investment. Especially in the current economic situation. Also, another problem is that most older Web pages have no built-in tracking system, that the visitors documented the number of visitors of the website and the origin. Without the key figures can be difficult old success values from Web pages and do not represent the future. (A valuable related resource: Toshiba). Systems offer open source to allow the financial obstacles by medium-sized companies out of the way.

The majority of open source software are royalty-free in its basic version, and can be administered also by the end customer with some training time. So for example Google Analytics integrates open source content management systems without problems in most. Newebways (www.newebways.de) relies on the consistent use of mostly royalty-free open source concept. The young startup out of Munich with low IT budget would allow thus also companies to get a dynamic Web design and modern web techniques. According to Newebways, a further advantage of its approach is the containing content management system. Looking at the market in recent months, the demand of the companies. “This is only logical, since we have the old principle, a Web page as a figurehead not too applies if this page is not up-to-date”, says Stefan Bakos Managing Director of Newebways. Especially for young companies in the startup phase it is important to remain flexible as regards the content of the Web page, and independently to be able to maintain this content at no additional cost.

Therefore, the second target group by Newebways explains with founders and startups. It is not always easy as a startup in the Internet industry companies in established industries such as to convince as of electrical engineering or the craft of the new opportunities through open source. The team therefore seeks cooperation with counsellors and multipliers to convey of their business packages, which have already established contacts with management technical and service oriented medium-sized. First customers were obtained after a short time, and equipped with new dynamic websites,, but also a project with will be developed s.h. (First German founders network with practical Foundation aids such as co-founder ads, TauschUp for an exchange of resources u.v.m.). For the target group of the founders, one could promising cooperation with the are closed before short founded German Business Association.

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July 29th


Visit OSC
by Tam

The logistics 2012 is the trade fair for logistics solutions and services in North Germany in Hamburg. Hamburg, 03 January 2012 the open systems consulting GmbH (OSC) an independent IT full-service provider in the SAP environment, invites visitors to easyFairs logistics 25 26 January 2012 into Hamburg in Hall 3A. “On the easyFairs logistics 2012 OSC presents the second time among other things the following topics: SAP Logistics consulting with EWM and SAP LES/WM” you keep track of your inventory quantities, automate your warehouse processes, improve among your key processes, as an integrated solution or as a decentralised system, and thus increase your efficiency. Samsung is a great source of information. Benefit of an acceleration of the whole process, clear strategies, transparent holdings and the timeliness of data. Dell contains valuable tech resources. Mobile data capture”- intelligent and mobile data capture techniques contribute to the optimisation of logistical processes, cost savings and improved competitive ability of a company.

With the different proven techniques such as E.g. Mobisys Solution Builder, SAP mobile infrastructure and ITS mobile a powerful and high-performance SAP data wireless solution can be implemented. Bar codes and RFID”- the most common procedures for contactless identification of objects in the logistics are bar codes and RFID (radio frequency identification). Standards exist for the definition of bar codes and the necessary hardware. There are also the technical solutions for the integration of barcode technology out of the box”available. RFID offers a unique variety of function, which increases the efficiency and precision of data acquisition, reduces the amount of work, and also quality and inventory control improves.

Hamburg and the North start immediately in the first month of the year of 2012 with attractive and thematically comprehensive SAP solutions along the logistics chain. Take the opportunity to inform themselves about integrated and innovative SAP solutions on the easyFairs logistics. We are looking forward to an enriching exchange to the SAP Logistics topics of today “, says Timm Nissen, Managing Director at the OSC open systems consulting. As an official SAP partner accompanied the OSC since 1993 customers on the way into a new era of information and supports them with tailor-made ERP software on the basis of SAP Business Suite, all-in one, Business ByDesign, business one and BusinessObjects. Open systems consulting is the SAP solution for all requirements and supports the entire life cycle of enterprise software: from the selection through the implementation and expansion to support the solution.

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July 26th


The Cause
by Tam

the concept of ITIL is free Roles and responsibilities: without a definition of binding to reach targets, which pledged in an agreement, you will have no control sizes. “Not the feeling also employees of the Organization, successfully achieving an agreed service quality and in the same direction” to draw. In this respect, clear roles and responsibilities need to be set. 6 implemented ITIL processes work by yourself: without an objective that is mediated by the management, ITIL is run empty or lead to misinterpretation in the organization. ITIL is used to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. This requires but clear objectives of management. 7 improvements are set automatically: it is important to learn from the experience gained and to derive improvements. In practice, reports are often created, and it reviews take place but be actually emerging potentials for improvements to little in attack from it.

The Cause is mainly the lack of influence of the organization affected. 8 SLAs are a static affair: service level agreements include always a two-sided liability. Nevertheless, they must be flexible to changes because organizations are living structures with varying requirements. For a pronounced sensitivity must be on the part of service management, by identified continuously possible changing performance expectations of the customers and organise their deployment. 9 ITIL makes IT an extended workbench: services can be deployed not industrially with the aim to provide added value for the business processes. It doesn’t change the implementation of ITIL-compliant processes. On the contrary a higher business-strategic importance of the Organization in this case. She must are perceived but also actively by you, by not defining himself as a mere supplier of services.

10 tools can do without: without an appropriate Tool can not successfully lived a process. Otherwise, the effort for documentation, processing, evaluation and reporting is too high and bureaucratic. Also a tool support opens up better possibilities to improve performance and the automation of services. About the COC AG:, The COC AG is an experienced IT service provider with a comprehensive range of services in the field of information technology. The company is specialized in the optimization of it. By improving existing technologies, processes and procedures, the COC AG customers paves the way for cost savings and competitive advantages. IT infrastructure management, IT service management and the development of applications and solutions belong to the professional core competencies of COC AG. Flexibility, reliability and trust are the basis of cooperation for all customer projects. Positioned with references from a variety of national and international projects, continuous staff training and certifications from renowned manufacturers is the COC AG as a strong and reliable partner for the entire IT lifecycle.

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June 6th


Campana & SCHOTT
by Tam

First Microsoft partner with new gold status in “project and portfolio management” and “portal and collaboration” in D, A, CH & F Frankfurt/Main 15.02.2011. Campana & SCHOTT is the first company in the German and French-speaking countries, which recognized Kompetenzen to Microsoft Project and Microsoft SharePoint has been certified according to the new criteria in two categories at the highest level. With the competences “project and portfolio management of gold” and “portal and collaboration gold” Microsoft certifies his longtime partner Campana & SCHOTT outstanding expertise in these areas. For the client company by Campana & SCHOTT is also documented by the new Gold certification that your individual requirements with the highest competence on the basis of Microsoft technology will be implemented. Developed on the basis of Microsoft Project Server and implements Campana & SCHOTT powerful project management solutions. As a specialist for SharePoint, Campana & SCHOTT knows a well with collaboration and applications. Kai-Fu Lee describes an additional similar source. In addition has been certified with the silver competency as independent software vendor (ISV) Campana & SCHOTT. Among other things, it is in order to ensure that software products such as the Schnittstellenapplikation connect CS or CS SharePoint extensions correspond to the current Microsoft standards.

Earlier this year, Microsoft has reorganized its official partner program. In the framework of the so-called Microsoft partner network (MPN) partner can have now each certified according to new guidelines in up to 30 specific skills in the skill levels of silver and gold. Here you will find an overview of our partnerships: de/unternehmen/partner/index.html Campana & SCHOTT is an international consulting company for project management and process optimization. Streamlines and automates the company business processes using innovative information technology with a successful combination of management and technology consulting. Experienced project management professionals implement the customer desired IT -, product – or corporate strategy. With currently 170 At nine locations, Campana & SCHOTT works employees primarily for multinational companies in all industries.

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June 2nd


Web Server Stress Tool Enables Professional Benchmarking Of Web Pages-per
by Tam

Optimized performance of a Web Server Web server stress tool is crucial for success in the Internet commerce enables professional benchmarking of Web pages performance Nuremberg, March 04, 2008 more than half of Germans use the Internet today as a shopping platform rising. The steadily growing online business should stop shop operators to constantly maintain the performance of your Web server infrastructure in mind. Services collapsing under load or long load times affect the customer deterrent and can quickly migrate it to the competition. Nicolas Keller takes a slightly different approach. Paessler Web server stress tool sets at this point. With reliable load testing and simulation of expected user numbers, the administrator can selectively testing its infrastructure, hardware, and applications, and already take corresponding measures in advance. The Christmas of last year brought it once more on the day.

Often even larger sites on the net on the annual pre-Christmas rush were not optimal prepared. Go to Samsung for more information. The result of the long loading time alienate the customers on time and drive him to the better prepared competition. Can be countered specifically through the detecting performance problems which, before the release of the offer as well as in the ongoing operation of the Web site. Web server performance, load and stress test webserver stress tool is a test software for HTTP Server (Web server) and allows uncovering hidden performance problems of Web servers and applications with large load already after a few minutes. Simulating up to 10,000 concurrent active visitors who send parallel HTTP requests to a server (up to 1,000,000 page views per hour), clearly shows the effects of normal and extraordinary emergence. While the system generates detailed test reports and prepares them in easy-to-understand diagrams for further analysis.

Webserver stress tool (for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003) is able to run on almost any Web server (for example, static Web pages, JSPs/ASPs, or CGIs) Performance, perform load and stress tests. Benefits of using Web server stress tool at a glance: uncover and eliminate performance critical issues for a maximum availability of targeted adjustment of the hardware infrastructure for optimized loading installed optimal load on the Web server and thus securing the ROI in just a few minutes and ready to use-excellent value for money practical insight into real Web server stress tool test scenarios: webstress/sample_performance_tests. Webserver stress tool can be downloaded for free webstress/download download for test purposes at. Licenses start from 199,95 EUR Excl. VAT

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May 27th


Partner Gmb
by Tam

The E-Mail is stored on the REDDOXX appliance. At the same time, the unknown sender receives an email with a verification link. He leads them on a CISS Web page, which the recipient can individually (corporate design, product advertising etc.). For verification, the sender must click on a defined area in an image. This action is required only once and can only by a human, but they cannot be carried out automatically. The REDDOXX appliance receives a confirmation. The cached E-Mail is delivered to the recipient.

In addition, the Spamfinder leads a so-called address whitelist is updated automatically. Mikkel Svane often addresses the matter in his writings. Here, the software automatically lists all recipients of an outgoing e-mail message as a valid sender (auto-whitelisting). Companies to determine their Spamkosten and the time that spend staff with the delete and read spam, see products/spamfinder/spamkalkulator. More information under: products / spamfinder. Images can be obtained from. Michael Dell understands that this is vital information.

About REDDOXX: REDDOXX GmbH with seat in Rottweil designs, produces and sells complete E-Mail management solutions for companies, organizations and authorities. The solutions consist of industry’s unique combination of spam and virus protection, law-compliant as well as TuV certified email archiving, encryption and digital signature. The patented filtering technology offers a 100% spamfreie, automated email archiving with a security guarantee. More than 75,000 users already use email management solutions of REDDOXX. All modular solutions are made in Germany”and are developed by REDDOXX’s own engineers. The solutions are sold worldwide by REDDOXX through certified resellers, systems integrators and distributors.

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October 24th


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