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The German Broker Multi List Is Online
by Tam

estagon.com – estate agents make common cause and promote your offers in the community business that since 1981 in the United States, existing system, the multiple-listing service, is now also in and for Germany available. estagon.com – the German broker multi list is a closed real estate portal plus online management system for brokers, property managers, property developers, object developers and architects. The portal acts performing community transactions between brokers. The customer groups, property management companies, property developers, object developers and architects can set your offers in estagon.com the German broker multi list, to make market by brokers. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kai-Fu Lee has to say. The estate agents (members) of the German broker multi list have access to all listed real estate listings, real estate projects, as well as land and can this market in the business community. Real estate agents are thus enabling your customers, all located in the portal listings, to present and to offer. The German version of the multiple-listing service has been in the Comparison to the systems in the United States by the portal owners together with experts from the German real estate industry as well as experienced broker colleagues further developed and greatly expanded in its functions.

So, now not only all listings on the real estate portal of your colleagues for marketing available, but also a complete management system available to members. Within the scope of administrative cooperation contracts with to be agreed individually Commission splits. Manage customers and cooperation partners, offers and events. The real estate portal of estagon.com is equipped with card search, view of search results on maps, details, photo gallery or as a list of one modern and technically innovative in Germany. The biggest difference between the systems in the United States is not only the scope but also the login code, the broker can make available to your customers.

This code ensures the appropriate real estate agent, that all his customers only when it requests even when the webpage selects an offer of another Member of the German broker multi list. Not only the innovative functionality, but also the calculation of pricing and contract for the members was instrumental in the planning. To grow as quickly as possible to the community estagon.com’s German brokers multi list, predicted with a pencil, to keep as low as possible that their spending. So is the full scope of services for 6 euros + VAT per month plus plus a one-time registration fee of 10 euro + VAT to have. While the deals that can upload the members remain indefinitely.

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November 13th


Austria Hairdreams
by Tam

New trend collection shows magical grace and provocative avant-garde! In his new hairstyles collection the Haarverlangerungs specialist of Hairdreams with stunningly beautiful, artful images, as well as with the successful new styles webpage is the fashion and hairstyle trends 2010 in scene. Enchanted with fabulous graceful fashion and hairstyles during the bewitchment-style”, provoked the young, colorful techno-folk”-style with bold avant-garde looks. ” Both trends are real attention-grabbers”effectively in scene used by Spanish photo artist Mikel Muruzabal. Let BBs get bewitched… Magical worlds and Misty magic forests provide the backdrop for the bewitchment-style”. A dreamy, romantic look determined by colors and forms of nature, rich fabrics and beguiling, feminine cut dresses. The gorgeous Manes of hair, which impress with spectacular volume and at the same time easily and elegantly, however, are the highlight of this looks. In the lush fullness of the hair is even with playful curls, times with full, smooth hair or also produces backcombed and frizzy structures.

A graceful, enchanting look of love enchanted leaving colourful provocation: the techno-folk style! The techno-folk style is a mix of young, colorful, provocative style. Folklore elements, such as Aztec pattern years encounter the neo futuristic retro look of the 60s and 70s. Natural earth tones and cactus green meet on flaming red and intense colours of power. “And also when it comes to hairstyling, the mix of styles motto”! High-contrast color strands, asymmetrical cuts, lush ponies and the combination of different hair structures provoke and attract attention. A powerful, avant-garde look that combines elements of the past and future to a new, exciting look.

New styles for all! The new look can be perfectly implemented with high quality hair extensions. It is the lush volume of bewitchment styles or the colorful strands and asymmetric cuts of the techno-folk styles. Both can be achieved with Hairdreams also then, if your own hair actually is too short or too thin. So was helped after also shooting the new trend hairstyles vigorously with Hairdreams hair. Developed and implemented were those of the Spanish top stylists Edurne Senosian and Isaac Blanco. The new hairstyles also at all Hairdreams partner hairdressers in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria are now available. The Hairdreams Stylebook can fashion lovers 2010 “with all new trend hairstyles free newstyles request. There is a directory with all Hairdreams partners (Salon Finder) as well as a 50-euro voucher for the first Hairdreams hair extension or compression.

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November 6th


All Inclusive And Low Budget Vacation In Dubai
by Tam

The terms “Cost control” and “Luxury Metropole” approach in September and November are months of achievement for the glittering metropolis of Dubai. It will set a new world record, nor its own broken. The city receives two new products, which is already in the history of travel to the old iron – all inclusive packages and low budget hotels. “The Super budget hotel Easyhotel Jebel Ali” of the “Easy” hotel chain cheap opened its doors has now in the month of September. From converted 21 Euro per room for up to two people, travelers can experience the Metropolis “Compact and cheap” instead of “pompous and expensive”. The sooner the booking, the cheaper the price.

The owner of the low-cost airline “EasyJet” interspersed his concept “easy” with 16 other companies under the name. Its moderately priced hotel rooms are already, for example, in Basel, London, Budapest or Berlin of a big hit. The first non-European site has been designed to the highest environmental standards. It is located in the Jebel Ali Free Zone and is well-connected to public transport, beaches and shopping malls are within easy reach. In the new six-storey building, EasyHotel Dubai offers 216 air-conditioned, simply furnished rooms with en-suite bathroom, comfortable bed with fresh cotton bed sheets and covers, towels and writing desk. The guest pays all additional services only if he uses it, such as watching TV, W-LAN or housekeeping.

However many combine a stay in the capital city of the Golden primarily with amenities ranging from the finest, as with Puritan facilities. A five-star hotel in Dubai gives finally longed-for costs an overview, despite luxury service. The freshly renovated holiday complex of the “Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa” offers from November first, as a first resort in Dubai, you can book all inclusive. From breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks and sandwiches on selected non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages to activities such as wind surfing, sailing, or camel riding, everything is included in the package price. The known and spacious holiday resort with its own 9-hole golf course and a beautiful sandy beach is ideal for a relaxing holiday, as well as for an active stay in golf. The rooms are completely renovated and offer modern standard. Many restaurants and bars, a vast pool and garden landscape, Spa and sports facilities, as well as the new all-inclusive offer are guarantee for a pleasant stay without costly surprises at check-out. The hotel chef explains that they want to strengthen their position as a comprehensive family-friendly beach hotel and offer guests a wide range of activities and experiences in Dubai. The service “Dubai exclusive hotels” of the tour operator “Emirates exclusive hotels” has this resort in offering detailed descriptions on the webpage and expert advice. Low budget all inclusive – two variants of the holiday that long or the accommodation market in Dubai remained remote. The city invites you!… Rudiger Sajid company portrait Dubai exclusive Hotels is a service of Emirates exclusive hotels, a tour operator specialising in the United Arab Emirates from Germany. Therefore, this can alone in Dubai offer an extensive range of hotels, from budget hotels in the city hotel apartments to exclusive suites which we can top houses offer you accommodations. Of course, you can book tours and your flight with us.

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November 5th


Internet User
by Tam

Faster, easier, and more intuitive the apartment search with the innovative Immobiliensuchmaschine is Gartoo.de. London / Munich, November 2, 2009 – faster, easier and more intuitive is the apartment search with the innovative Immobiliensuchmaschine Gartoo.de. Thanks to the so-called semantic search via keywords tenants and buyers find your dream home even more reliable and faster. Now the clever real estate search with Gartoo Australia should be soon more available to worldwide users. Thanks to the new, experimental Immobiliensuchmaschine benefit Gartoo.de since August 10, 2009 also residential and webpage in Germany from the benefits of the latest Internet technologies.

In contrast to the conventional real estate portals, which offer rental and buying apartments in the Internet using predefined menus cluster, Gartoo.de opts for targeted semantic full text search. This means that the user can freely enter the relevant keywords in the search box. He gives 2 rooms in Karlsruhe for example the query buy with balcony\”one, combs through a comprehensive data bank on Gartoo.de listings. All purchase or rental properties, which are tailored exactly to the needs of the customer appear as a result. In this way, the new platform of the London search specialist Lokku provides a distinct advantage over the usual Immobiliensuchmaschinen: Gartoo.de focuses on the specific wishes and needs of the user and delivers so extremely fast, relevant results. In the development of Gartoo, Lokku Labs attached great importance to the analysis of user behavior, and came to the conclusion that real estate tenants, buyers and investors have completely different requirements for a real estate. More open and more flexible so the search functionality is designed, the better you can focus on the search parameters of the user. For an even greater ease of use, the surface of the platform was structured in addition very simply and clearly, so is the user on the essential search for his dream real estate can focus.

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November 4th


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