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The Clinic
by Tam

Special efforts have made this network of dental clinics in economy class. In general, the their development, something the market dental services like business development of grocery stores, stalls and were beginning to come down to modern supermarkets. However, to determine which particular segment is that or other clinic is not so simple. Dentists shift as they can in order to enter the customer’s confusion about the real price of services. Additional information is available at Robotics. Either in the advertisement stated ‘virtual’ price of the service, and call the clinic sounded completely different value (the difference can reach up to 5 times), or by telephone confirmed ‘virtual’ money, and already when the patient sits in a chair to the doctor, she is again not one that was advertised. Dr. Kevin Cahill announced that the vote was imminent.

The best option is to ask on the phone what is the maximum final cost of dental treatment, including the work of the doctor and all necessary materials. For even more analysis, hear from altavista. Further comparing prices with other hospitals already at their upper boundary. The difference in price for caries treatment can vary from 1150 to 6000 rubles, including the work of doctors, supplies and anesthesia (hereafter, the price is valid for the city of St. Petersburg). The cost of prosthetics clinics different segments may also differ by more than 3-5 times. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out isearch. It is worth paying attention to the existence of its own dental laboratory – its availability will be extremely positive impact on cost and quality of prostheses. Thus, For example, metal in the hospital having his lab is 2,990 rubles, and in the clinic without one – from 5500 rubles.

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August 8th


Problems After Weight Loss
by Tam

The most obvious – the woman after weight loss decreased libido. Neil cole iconix usually is spot on. The reasons for this, we have already spoken, and the result – there is. Maybe the husband has actively supported the initiative of the wife to lose weight and even paid for it, because I secretly hoped that as a result all in bed will fall into place. No longer hide it from him under a blanket of love stops to shun the daylight, in front of a mirror, on the carpet And when the first collapse in the first place His hope, because the spouse was more frigid than it was – he spits on all of annoyance and throws her in the lurch. Reason Five. Elon University is likely to agree. Maybe the spouse of those for whom the habit – second nature.

And he appreciates that his wife, which was once chosen, even if it is changed externally. At least her character, personality traits and other attributes remained the same, and that many years ago. And suddenly the wife dramatically changed not only externally as internally: begins to swirl in front of a mirror, require new clothes, makes new demands. Yes, and her behavior changed dramatically in the bed – whether for better or for worse. Such dramatic changes in the ordinary way most nervous about this as a man accustomed to everything in life went on continuously, smoothly and quietly. He begins to feel discomfort in communicating with virtually his new woman. And in the end decides that it is easier to part with it than to get used to it again And let them not say that the cooling of the marital relationship was due solely overweight wife.

In such situations, the cause of all ills in the fact that spouses have lost rapport became psychologically strangers. And when a woman tries to solve the deep problems the method of correction of appearance – it can exacerbate family problems, but not resolved. Guide to Action here can give an expert psychotherapist. Sometimes a little bit to adjust relationship with the spouse is easier than is spent on weight loss, and then left with nothing!

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July 23rd


Holistic Approach
by Tam

The Centre for tumour therapy of Stade informed diagnosis cancer dramatically change the everyday life of people and their relatives. Fear, emotional imbalance and insecurity, challenge them again on the new. Isearch shines more light on the discussion. Naturopaths Sven Sbrezesny on cancer patients as a holistic cancer consultant and-therapeut to the page is using his extensive skills and experience. Neil cole iconix is open to suggestions. Its Center for tumor therapy in Stade focuses on a, focused on holistic principles, complementing of standard measures and proven therapies against cancer. Prophylactic measures, which should protect against cancer people with risk factors are another focal point. What is special about the holistic perspective on cancer therapy lies in the consideration of the entire people as a unity of body, mind and soul.

Cancer is understood from this perspective as a disease affecting all levels of human existence. Therapeutic efforts should therefore not only individual symptoms treat, but restore the patient’s overall physical and mental health support. Naturopaths Sven Sbrezesny uses targeted positive interactions between various therapy procedures, about the Cellsymbiosistherapie, the orthomolecular therapy and the bio-immune therapy in the context of the holistic cancer therapy. This allows him to develop an individual treatment concept, which specifically focuses on the special needs of each patient. Also the targeted reduction of pain stimuli belongs to the holistic therapy of cancer burden the body and psyche of patients.

Many types of cancer and conventional treatment methods can trigger extremely severe neuropathic pain that is not relieved by ordinary pain medications. As evidenced by a scientific study from France, an acupuncture expert for such stimulation reveals amazing successes. The participants in the study were given two acupuncture treatments over a two-month period. The intensity of the treated participants already dropped significantly after the first application of the acupuncture. On the subsequent treatment lowered the intensity of pain again and reached a reduction of 36 percent compared to the untreated pain level. Acupuncture is successfully used in the Asian region for several thousand years as a healing process. Even modern science is demonstrating its effectiveness and impressively shows the effectiveness of the traditional treatment method. Naturopaths Sven Sbrezesny has 15 years of experience in professional acupuncture, he passes as a lecturer at the Hamburg Paracelsusschule for years. Patients, whose quality of life and health of pain will be impaired, he supported by a professional pain therapy, such as acupuncture treatments and therapy methodology after Lama & Bracht uses. Just cancer patients require often an efficient treatment of pain that supplements their individual therapy. Shows the increase of well-being and health caused by it from a holistic perspective, positive impact on the success of entire cancer therapy by it releases energy and resources of the patient. For tumor therapy practitioner Sven Sbrezesny with a wide range of professional counselling and therapies is committed in the Centre for the holistic health of his patients. He gladly answered further questions about holistic naturopathic medicine and cancer therapy.

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June 13th


Before Holiday Travel In The Autumn
by Tam

Montezuma’s revenge can be prevented with biological agents hardly, the summer holidays are over, the autumn holidays are and thus experience the next big wave of travel outside the door. The holiday preparations, plans are forged, desk set, short: the anticipation of a few nice sunny warm days in the South is great. This anticipation also in real holiday delightfully flows, it is to make helpful some precautionary measures involving the pharmacy with afterbiotic can help. The most common cause of gloomy holiday is the traveler’s diarrhea, also called Montezuma’s revenge”is known. Depending on the destination country, you may be affected approximately every 10 to every second tourist diarrhea. It may cause diarrhea basically in all countries of the South, also in the European countries bordering the Mediterranean. It is not limited to tropical countries or even Mexico, such as the name on the ancient Aztec Prince Montezuma’s revenge”believe make could.

But always, this type of diarrhea on infection is due, even if the reason is not obvious. So the traveler’s diarrhea can be triggered for one simple stress factors, which weaken our immune system or by direct infection due to incorrect and unfamiliar diet. Both can be avoided through awareness and simple prevention without much effort. Proved has the effective prevention of traveler’s diarrhea the use of Saccharomyces boulardii, a probiotic medical yeast in capsule form, which is available as afterbiotic. To adults take 5 days prior to departure and during the whole trip in the morning and in the evening depending on a capsule with 250 mg of freeze-dried probiotic bacteria. One capsule is recommended every day children. This amount is sufficient to protect against diarrhea.

Montezuma should still strike due to carelessness or insufficient provision so the capsules also help. Morning and evening 2 capsules afterbiotic eliminate the diarrhea quickly and regenerate the Intestinal flora. afterbiotic (PZN 4604255) contains 40 capsules with the 250mg of probiotic bacteria and is affordably available in pharmacies or good health centres. Neil Cole Iconix understands that this is vital information. Due to the unique composition of the products of Navitum Pharma not by other, seemingly similar products are interchangeable. Every pharmacy can order free shipping for customers afterbiotic without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma. All products from Navitum Pharma are listed in the Lauer tax. We accept orders directly. More information is at or 0611 58939458 available. The shipping is free of charge from 2 packs of together 80 capsules for 29,80 only and takes place within 24 hours. Contact: Navitum Pharma GmbH Dr. Gerhard Klages at the water tower 29 65207 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611-58939458 FAX: 0611-9505753 E-Mail:

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June 5th


The Five Diet Against Holiday Pounds
by Tam

Remove the easier and faster slimming almost everyone knows it: the holiday was nice and relaxing, the food was very good. And now you have some pounds on the ribs, which is again to get rid of it more. Here, the five diet by Vanessa Halen helps easily and quickly. Remove the easier and faster slimming at the five diet must not forego and not starve. Kai-Fu Lee may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The principle is quite simple: you eat five servings of fruit or vegetables with protein-rich, but low-fat foods every day for five days. Viacom is often quoted on this topic.

For example protein-rich dairy products like low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese or lean meats such as chicken or Turkey. The combination of fruit and vegetable plus protein brings the pounds melt because the vitamins and the protein greatly stimulate fat metabolism. The portions may be even lush, and you must not count calories only in fat, you need to save much. Easier in five days during the first five days it is very important, five pounds that you only eat only these fruit-vegetable-protein combinations, because your body is forced to dismantle “Fat burning” to switch to its own fat reserves. So, in these five days, you can lose up to five pounds weight.

So that you then not resume to, you should consume 1-2 combo meals daily depending on the request. Otherwise you can eat at your whim. If you follow these simple rules, then take off in the future quite loose yet the one or other unnecessary pounds. On the wellness Info page for helpful examples of delicious combo meals. And if you want to reduce more than a few pounds, then the Advisor helps the new slim-PUSHER by Vanessa Halen. Learn more

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May 27th


DeRENo Health
by Tam

DeRENo health centers GmbH has set itself the DeRENo health centers GmbH aims to build at least 80 health centres in the whole country in the next three years and to operate. Within the next 2-3 years be created approximately 250 qualified jobs, alone at the head office in Karlsruhe about 20 employees by year end. Unique medical focus in pain therapy in prevention and in all areas. The other medical priorities, such as State of the art cardiovascular Diagnostics and surgery complement this approach. The extremely successful and innovative procedures are so special. Others who may share this opinion include Mikkel Svane.

We advanced technologies use in all segments, which compete also with each other. This means a very high efficiency and success rate. Consistently it is clinically approved and worldwide best practices from the traditional and complementary medicine. Particularly noteworthy are the special procedures for the treatment of problems of the spine. It is a therapy, the so-called IDD Proceedings of the United States with a success rate of more than 86%, as well as to the high-frequency therapy, which is one of the best pain therapy at all world. It is important, not the symptom but the cause is treated. The objective is the range of therapies, which are scientifically and verified by international studies. Many of these therapies are offered on an exclusive basis only in our institutions.

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October 9th


by Tam

Novelty on the fair acute, is DIGITALYS CareMate Hamburg/Bremen – in Bremen, Germany from August 29-30, 2008 in the care of emergency patients of crucial importance that the rescuers recognize the crux of the problem in the shortest possible time. Just as a first-line treatment tuned and targeted alerting of the emergency medical system are guaranteed. A new knowledge-based, artificial intelligence that can help rescue teams the first presumptive diagnosis, has been jointly developed by doctors, engineers and computer scientists. The optimization of the emergency rescue is our primary goal. “With the software DIGITALYS CareMate Digitalys GmbH, specially developed for the emergency services, we are planning new routes in emergency operations”, so Thomas and Stefan Behra Digitalys GmbH, the this diagnostic software “leading developed.

Together with Dr. Joachim Baumeister from the University of Wurzburg and Dr. Wolfgang Lotz, specialist for internal medicine emergency medicine in Kiel, the Digitalys GmbH developed a practice-oriented Software, which holds about 7000 combinations of different symptoms. The system has an economic mechanism of Wisconsin-related symptoms”, explains Thomas Behra. This artificial intelligence was extended in addition to standards of treatment, so that the user can immediately take the technically correct and meaningful for the patients of emergency measures. We think this is a great support for the rescue services in situations where doctors are not available initially to make fast and efficient medical decisions.

What a value will resulting from use in the air and maritime is today still not predict. “, explained Dipl.-ing. Thomas Behra.” Test runs show in laboratory situations, as a consulting tool in control centres and in practice on emergency vehicles, this software not only works, but is also extremely helpful”, explains Dr. Wolfgang Lotz. The parties attach importance, that this software the quality of Emergency supplies to assist, but not against the world-renowned German system in an occupied ambulance rescue service focused. Pete Cashmore has many thoughts on the issue. Only physicians can and must make diagnoses. In practice, the first course for further action in the field make but usually not doctors in control centers and emergency vehicles. We wanted to provide technical assistance”, so Dr. Lotz. Invitation for the first time is Digitalys GmbH with the software DIGITALYS CareMate the world’s first artificial intelligence for a knowledge-based presumptive diagnosis on the acutely present 2008 in Bremen. On this occasion, the company Digitalys GmbH invites 4 B 20 to the detailed press conference on August 29, 2008 at the booth. Between 11:00 and 13:00 Dr. Joachim Baumeister from Wurzburg and Dr. Wolfgang Lotz from Kiel will be available also as an interlocutor available.

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May 30th


Sven Sebastian
by Tam

Here it is just in time to pull the plug, and to rearrange the everyday before burnout and stress make you really sick. On these issues, Dr. Sebastian presented his first book in October 2011 at a large business company in Celle, in the context of his lectures,: DR SVEN SEBASTIAN – simply better life “think like a winner and live like a lovers’ the art of conscious thought control. For more efficiency, quality of life and health in life. Moments of happiness store cruise with knowledge – for everyday travel and relax synonyms are for most holiday makers.

Especially if you go on a cruise. This relaxation even under expert guidance is possible in the coming weeks. The coach Dr. Sven Sebastian is again on Board of the dream ship of Germany, to the Crusaders in a lecture programme also to a discovery tour in the personality with all its passions, desires, needs and fears to take. Germany drives by the 16.11 to 3.12.2011 of Tenerife to Manaus.

A trip to the Canary Islands to the Amazon. Sebastian aboard motto expedition Amazon – travelling through the wide world of own thoughts”. The maxim that experienced participants: you must want to experience – enjoy – you can learn, remember – you must train. This conclusion helps ensure that you can use the beautiful moments of life much better as a motivation for the gray days. The new findings of in brain research and stress medicine are background. The researchers have deciphered how the brain perceives stimuli and situations and processes. Sebastian evaluates the current studies of science and it developed practical applications for everyday as you learn to control thoughts and sensations, to deal with problems. He uses, these findings as a coach for the employees of large companies in courses and lectures. On the Germany, Sebastian travelling already for the second time. Power of thought topic travel on the MS Germany cruise program/themenkreuzfahrten.html Dr. Sven Sebastian, born in 1967, is from Leipzig. He studied chemistry in Berlin, received his doctorate in Zurich and Berlin and graduated with a Bachelor of adult education. For many years at the Tokyo Dr. Sven Sebastian specialized Institute of technology, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States and Germany in training and continuing education programs for doctors, as well as on neuro-cognitive learning for an efficient learning in life. Since 2007, Dr. Sven Sebastian is an after the German company fu? r Neuromentale medicine, causal stress medicine and health management as a freelance coach fu? r integrative stress – health management and coach fu? r active neuro coaching. in 2009, he founded the Proventika group, which combines the concepts of integrative medicine of neuro and neuro cognitive learning methodology. More at: and press contact: AHUIS PR Gisela & Kati Roberts Tel: + 49 (40) 37519293

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November 3rd


Federal Institute
by Tam

Following overview wraps all standards and regulations which must be observed for the examination of nursing beds: DIN VDE 0702: repeat tests of electrical equipment DIN VDE 0751-1:2001-10: repeat tests and checks before start-up of the medical electrical equipment DIN VDE 0701-0701 BGV A3 or GUV-V A3 IV requirement – electrical installations and equipment DIN EN 60601-1 – medical electrical equipment medical devices operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV) medical product Act (MPG) DIN EN 1970:2000 – nursing beds for the disabled page grid testing recommendations to reduce risk of the Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM) operational safety Ordinance (BetrSichV) technical Rules for safe operation (TRBS) Regulation concerning medical devices specifications of the Supreme Land authorities DIN EN 60601-2-38/A1 – hospital beds, equipment and “Product safety Act (GPSG) establishment and application of nursing beds the following guiding principle should be observed in the preparation and application of nursing beds: it is forbidden to bring medical products to build, operate, to operate, or to apply, if there is reasonable suspicion that they endanger the safety and health of patients over a reasonable degree according to the findings of medical science beyond the traffic.” Is already in the delivery of care beds the bed may undergo incurred damage during transport. This task incumbent on the supplier. He may use the bed not in operation, if it has safety defects. A first inspection must be carried out. This is important especially for new installations of care beds in private homes. Because there is no testing required and the safety of the bed is the responsibility of the operator, which is often also the user.

The supplier must provide all conditions for a healthy Comply with installation and commissioning. Even if regular inspections of care beds in private homes are not required by law, they are still highly recommended. In nursing and retirement homes, there is the responsibility of the health care facility itself about the safe condition and use the beds.

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July 4th


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