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Eric Collins
by Tam

If, as well as being read, today, 25 September, is being released to the world a powerful and innovative robot called Droid 3, designed by famous entrepreneur marketing Eric Collins, who is capable of building a web page or a Blog in just 20 seconds. I saw the demo and I really stayed with his mouth open, just have to put two or three data, as the name of the page that you want to create, the password and the user and in a twinkling of an eye already have your page designed in such a way that you just have to open or close it, is so powerful, that creates unique content related to the topic, includes it a page or blog all the functional tools that you locate first in google, and not only that, your page new will be indexed by google in less than 2 hours. handles many languages, but mainly the Spanish and English, work alone, it is extremely easy to handle, the truth is that it is amazing how every day technology surprises us with his advances and his discoveries. This is a demonstration that the man is a being unique, intelligent and capable of anything. With this new Blog creator robot, you can create all the blog you want, begin a campaign of adsense or sell your own products, I particularly saw a video demonstration of how he was doing and had to put it back to notice me if it was a mounting or not, the truth of the matter is that this robot, named Droid 3, will revolutionize what is the world of the internet. Imagine, if with a web page, where you have an adsense campaign your you get $ 10 per month, removed the account what you can do with ten, one hundred, or up to 300 Blog, all Optimizados and occupying the first places in search engines, it is really interesting. Once invite you to meet him, if you are who you want to or have a business Internet sincerely this can change your life, look here original author and source of the article

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April 27th


Social Media Marketing Changes
by Tam

Facebook has decided to be Internet, so it could be entitled a reflection on innovation that, progressively, the social network puts up giving users and brands of best utilities in which efficiency is always a constant. The social network goes one step further in his innovative career and gives brands of new utilities focused on one aspect nearest to the profiles. Changes will not take into force on all pages until next March 10, meanwhile, so get to know them to be able to take advantage of all the underlying opportunities and update our pages. Let’s look at the changes: photographs. Facebook modifies the dimension of the photos and presents them reduced. The social network gives prominence to the images, it is more than evident that the expansion followed by the video and its importance in the new advertising model and marketing, make integration and relevance of this variable a necessity for all brands. Utilities lose relevance, become a relationship under the picture that identifies the profile. Facebook adds the iFrame.

Images of recent followers are also modified. If transit through social networks weren’t already in itself same demanding, now social network allows user to talk to user voice or voice of brand. To do this, administrators figure acquires greater relevance obviously for the relationship between this option and the figures of the Community Manager – Administrators will be those who choose if they used Facebook as page or user. This may not be sized in proportion, but imagine the utilities that reported this novelty for those who are immersed in a branding campaign or a new product launch. No doubt this newness of Facebook gives marks from greater opportunities to achieve success in their management of social media. The pages may be like in the other pages and interact from brand to brand, related pages where they feed on others, making segmentation Spider Web grow without losing connectivity.

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April 25th


Landing Pages
by Tam

The majority of people that we know or have a reason, or they want to leave their reality, build a business and much less sell. As much as we try, it will not do enough to break the deadlock. And what the real professionals do today? They never make a list with your friends. Directly, they go in search of people seeking precisely a business from home.So instead of making a list of how many people you know, looking for better ways to find people really interested in what you offer really: a business opportunity. Ads pay per click and the Landing Pages, are excellent resources for doing so invite people on your list: with the technology of today, don’t have that be called and called to your prospects. Today you can advertise and offer your business via the Internet. You no longer go behind your acquaintances, losing your professionalism.Today, promote yourself, via a Blog with valuable and interesting information; announce your articles or videos on social networks and attract people interested and qualified for your business, from automatically.

Explain your business plan: to show your business opportunities, training and contact your sharp, a videoconferencing room is the ideal resource, since you can meet hundreds of people, in different parts of the planet, from your favorite place). To follow up on each and every one of your prospects: thanks to autoresponders, send them periodically to your contacts the necessary information, automatically. In this way, those who respond to your offers are people really qualified and with a real interest in doing business with you. It is worth to them that you spend your time and work directly with them. With new technologies, what you had previously taught in the MLM industry is changing.

Today you can do a worked much more professional that before only entrepreneurs with large capitals, did so through the mass media. Now, thanks to the Internet, Marketing is accessible for virtually anyone, due to its low cost of operation. What counts today is talent for intelligently apply the tools offered by Web 2.0. Javier Freyria 2010 after three years in the MLM industry, doing business in the traditional way, encounter thanks to the multilevel through Internet, the correct formula to successfully perform any MLM business.

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April 12th


Design Pages
by Tam

Build a basic Web page is so easy that even today there are web pages in which entering about how much data can automatically generate you its own Website in day. But how much of this works if it is that its goal is to create a business and/or become known on the internet? The only thing that will be able to create one of these free Web pages full of advertising that you never ordered, is simply to say that you have a Website and spread the word to your friends about the path to your Web to make it at least visited a couple of times a month. That’s why, there are professionals such as designers and developers who are responsible for making the Internet an attractive business tool for the entrepreneur. For these reasons it is always recommended that when entering the net, need to count with the support of a creative design for your Web page and the indispensable web positioning. More than 81% of Internet traffic comes through search engines. A web site with a great design is not enough if it does not receive the required visits.

The goal of every Webmaster is out their website listed in search engines with key words that have to do with your business and at the same time be positioned in the first places for that search result. Keywords are phrases or words that are linked with the content of your Website and for which their potential customer contacting it. In the internet you can find attractive Web pages easy to navigate and position to guarantee optimal results from your investment. Most of their clients are thrilled with the excellent combination of colors, images and the distribution of easy access to each of its screens. Each web design is created from the client’s needs and focused on your target audience to achieve maximum of qualified traffic to your website.

Create campaigns online, as the banners and animations help this has more visits and therefore achieves the desired goal. Emails and notes from different parts of the world will arrive in your Inbox weekly asking for the service provided; Precisely that’s what design, and web development to create attractive sites that they invite the user to return and continue surfing with ease. Advantages: Low costs: is the way more economical and quick to become known internationally and put your business on the internet. Fast delivery: can be ready even in a week, depending on the amount of data that you want for your Web page. Costs generally vary according to the amount of pages and content to develop, but the estimated price of a traditional website is between $200-$ 800 and include web design, coding and installation. Design Web institutional are created to give your business presence on the Internet, but they have no objective be your main working tool or advertising medium. These sites are usually formed by few pages HTML, do not possess data base, and therefore does not need to be updated. Great websites are built thinking in its strong permanence on the Web, are generally quite extensive and sales-oriented, they contain at least 15 displays HTML, some of these include database and animations in flash. This type of web pages have an extra functionality by the amount of data that can be found, however, the more features you have your site, the hosting platform requirements may be higher.

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April 5th


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