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Technological Federal
by Tam

Accomplishment of the first one consults to the pertaining to school community for Director-Generality of the EAFSJE-MG, being nominated, after all the process of choice and indication, the name of Hrcules Jose Procpio, for a mandate of four years. 1993 Transformation of the Federal Agrotcnicas Schools kept by the Ministry of the Education, in federal autarchies with autonomy that them is proper as autarchic beings, as well as, didactic autonomy and to discipline? Law n 8,731. Mikkel Svane insists that this is the case. 1994 the Law n 8,948, of 08 of December, makes use on the institution of the System National of Technological Education, transforming, gradual, the ETFs and the EAFs in CEFETs. Accomplishment of ' ' I Week of the Rural&#039 Family; ' in the EAFSJE-MG. 1995 Are initiated, in June, the management of Loureno of the Coast Saints as Director-Generality of Federal the Agrotcnica School of Is Joo Evangelista-MG. 1996 In 20 of November, the Law n 9,394 (LDB) makes use on the Professional Education in a separate chapter of the Basic Education. Accomplishment of ' ' I Ambient Seminary of Is Joo Evangelista-MG' ' in the EAFSJE-MG. 1997 the Dec.

n 2,208 regulates the professional education and creates the Program of Expansion of Educao Profissional (PROEP). Recently Zendesk sought to clarify these questions. Definition of the first Mission of the EAFSJE-MG. 1998 are approved the new Internal regulation and the Chart of the direction positions and gratified functions of the Federal Agrotcnicas Schools? Dec. 2.548? I GIVE of 16/04/98. 1999 the process of transformation of the Federal Agrotcnicas Schools Is retaken in Federal Centers of Technological education (CEFETs). Of 1909 the 2002 had been constructed 140 units, forming, thus, the Federal Net of Professional Education and Technological Brazilian. Authorization of the functioning of the Course Technician in Computer science in level of After-Medium? N 25 would carry SETEC/MEC Is initiated, in August, the management of Marcus Eduardo Duarte Magalhes as Director-Generality of Federal the Agrotcnica School of Is Joo Evangelista-MG.

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June 25th


Industrial Computer
by Tam

10 Vorteilte of a computer casing as compared to an industrial computer, industrial computer must withstand many bad things and to provide the desired performance. Traditionally industrial computers have been specific, ordered machines. This industrial PCs tend to use old hardware and versions of the software. It may be an advantage, but at the obsolete technology may mean that the controlled processes of the computer geklasst is no more than efficient. Industrial computers are not very expensive in purchasing, but also in the maintenance. Industrial computers must be maintained by service personnel, for the closure of the factory is often necessary conveyors. Also, the update of the hardware and software is regularly required. Industrial computer enclosures are an efficient, affordable and reliable alternative to those expensive industrial computers.

The main advantages of are industrial computer chassis: resist the same environments as an industrial computer, whether the dust (including explosive atmospheres), dirt, dirt, oil, grease and water is (even strong washing up). Industrial computer housing are on its protective strength major the European evaluation of IP z.B IP 65 protects completely dust, and protecting against strong jets of water, (the first digit, 6, represents the dust cover that second digit, 5, the water) while IP 66 offers the same dust protection, but kompletts you can immerse the housing in water. The housing can withstand shock, vibration and manipulations by the robust materials, the housing is manufactured from. Industrial PC enclosure can be safely closed and locked on the floors or walls to protect against theft attached. For computing extreme temperatures, the computer case is better suited than the industrial computer. You can either a heating or cooling module inserted into the housing and thus the constant and reliable work of your computer is guaranteed. Industrial PC enclosure enables a PC to work like an industrial computer.

I.e. that the monitor and the PC on the inside of the housing may be stored. A computer that is stored in the body is by far cheaper than an industrial computer. Aside from the initial cost of the expensive tailor-made industrial computer, a PC can be used longer than an industrial computer housing. 6. a Computegehause can house monitors, printers, touch screens, and all kinds of computer equipment (including the peripheral devices such as mouse and keyboard). The Ghause are erhaotlich also with waterproof/stubdichter keyboard and mouse. The industrial PC enclosure houses a conventional PC inside. Vulnerable repairs or upgrades can be performed in wenigne minutes, without Schliesung of the factories or production lines. The Indutsrie-PC housing can be from different materials are manufactured. Also stainless steel”, which is suitable for food industry. The industrial PC case is lockable and can be attached to the wall. Thus, theft, vandalism or tampering can be avoided. With an industrial PC enclosures, you can choose which software or hardware in the inside of the compartment is used to avoid so that used by obsolete technology. Given the requirements of the industrial Computering so different and extreme is can the industrial PC enclosures offer a flexibility that not even computers can comply with an industry. It offered not only protect your computer, but you also save the money. The industrial PC housing can offer protection in most environments. Magdalena Sperber is a technical author and specializes in industrial computers, PC case, printer, medical keyboards and industrial touch screens. Visit our website for more information about industrial computer chassis order other industrial solutions.

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June 19th


Mobile Realtime Solution
by Tam

Innovative app from EURO-LOG provides the simple documentation of proper load securing Hallbergmoos-Munchen, Georg Fischer March 27, 2012 with a Mobile Smartphone solution of EUROLOG Georg Fischer the securing of the goods transport documents. It aims to connect the legal requirements with an intelligent process. For accidents or injury, captured photos of laden vehicles serve as official proof that the product was properly secured via the application. This is a way to legally to protect themselves, because damage not only driver and holder, but also the shippers be held responsible for Georg Fischer. This concerns mainly logistics executives who are personally responsible for the load securing. Intervention by Guido Schmidt, Ladungssicherungsverantwortlicher by Georg Fischer Mettmann, EURO-LOG developed an application with the photos of properly backed-up truck will be recorded and archived electronically for Georg Fischer. Simple forms without a scanner digitizing the Load backup form is completed after loading of the vehicle and duly signed by driver, forklift driver and the respective employees by Georg Fischer.

The data of the form automatically in digital form are available through the use of the digital pen. The transfer of data is done in real time and allows easy access. A manual rework is eliminated and simplifies the process of digital archiving. The charge fuse forms are sent to the connected Smartphone. Real time transmission and easy data access the process of documenting the proper backup of the goods with photos must be fast in practice and easily feasible, because the trucks must quickly left the Hall. The app developed by EURO-LOG for load securing is easy to use. Each employee takes pictures of the laden vehicle on the Smartphone, which are stored and transmitted together with the filled-out form. The assignment of photos to the respective load backup form automatically. The Transmission is possible in various forms such as email, scan, or fax to connected computers.

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June 14th


Gaming Laptop
by Tam

Before writing this article I looked at the publication of other authors and noted a few moments is not always true. The first thing that struck me about this statement is simply choosing a gaming notebook, that is, buy as much as possible expensive model – can not go wrong! On one side is correct, the more expensive the better, but it all depends on the manufacturer. For example, take two laptop models, but different brands. HP G62-b71SR (XP805EA) and approximately $ 575 TOSHIBA Satellite L655-12W (PSK1JE-036015RU) – $ 693. In this case, the second laptop will be strong enough to keep up with gaming performance of the model from HP. You can certainly argue and bring a million arguments for the fact that laptops TOSHIBA safer to have more RAM, the hard drive more, etc. But! The question is not a particular model, brand, manufacturers, region, salesperson, and in how skilled a person chooses a laptop.

And I'll tell you honestly. But do not be a man who knows all subtleties of choosing to read these articles! THERE WILL BE NO. Many writers such as Ali Partovi offer more in-depth analysis. So my advice on choosing laptop for gaming, to replace the PC, etc. we must first focus on the person who does not understand all this scribbling is not clear, such as Specifications laptop. The main focus when choosing a laptop for games, I always recommend that our clients and friends, and just talk to fans, be on two main parameters. First, the processor, and Secondly, the performance of graphics cards.

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June 5th


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