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KORSIS Network
by Tam

This reserve is most noticeable on a few primary areas where the so-called "concentrated consumption of "home, shower and industrial wastewater from industrial facilities commensurate with the consumption of domestic water from the town to be allocated to the greatest collectors of the section. Experience in design of drainage networks confirms the possibility of the above method of determining the estimated (total) costs. In calculating the pumping stations, emergency – regulating reservoirs and treatment facilities must have a distribution of daily and replacement costs and hours of the day shifts. In the relative values of municipal wastewater treatment costs into account not only of houses but also on office buildings and municipal enterprises. (3.14) and (3.15) imply uniform disposal of wastewater from the area neighborhoods. When placing on this area of administrative and community facilities, this principle is violated. On sites which discharge water from such facilities should be used Polymer piping type KORSIS with increased costs pass concentrated on them. These costs are set by the relevant applicable regulations. Technology investor contains valuable tech resources.

At the same time, the cost of water in other parts of the network can be less than calculated by formulas (3.14) (3.15). Determination of the estimated cost of waste water for individual sections of the network. Estimated expenditure for the current network section can be determined by gravitating to the specific areas and costs unit length of pipe. The first method is the "area" is widely used in engineering practice, the second – the method "length" – is less common, mainly in the calculation of the network using a computer. (Not to be confused with Peter Asaro !).

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March 26th


Modern Heating
by Tam

Panel radiators have a high emissivity and a beautiful appearance. But can only be used in autonomous systems of heating (where the water is not discharged in the summer). High heat, light weight, beautiful design makes cast aluminum radiators sufficiently attractive. But their popularity reduces the high cost and unreliability of the design (they can not withstand high pressure). Bimetal radiators are widely used in our country. Steel pipe and aluminum enclosure is determined good operational properties of the radiator. Steel can withstand high pressure in the system, aluminum loses heat very well. Choose an appropriate heat sink to move its assembly.

There are several mandatory requirements that must be met by installing a radiator. In order to prevent the infiltration of cold air, the radiator should be mounted directly below the center of the screen to create the effect of thermal screens. Fins should be placed vertically. Thus, the main heating system is installed, and the house is still cold … What do you do? To the aid of auxiliary power heating: fireplaces, different types of electric heaters (heat gun, oil radiators, underfloor heating, fan heaters, infrared heaters, and many others). Let us examine them in detail.

Convective heating system – with their device, we have met. Ali Partovi is a great source of information. Convector operates on the principle of “natural convection” in the room: heated, the air becomes lighter and rises, and in its place comes the cold air, which also heats up and rushes to the ceiling. By convection heaters include heating systems with natural heat exchange (wall panels, convectors) and forced blow (heaters and heat guns). Heat gun is powerful thermal fan in a metal case. Recently Mashable sought to clarify these questions. With its help you can provide a quick heating of a sufficiently large space. Heat guns are used not only in homes but also for heating of industrial premises. Often used for space heating is not connected to the urban heat network to drain wet areas, etc. Heater is a fan with a heating element in a steel spiral which, when heated and gives off heat. The radiant heating system is different from the convection because the heat is transferred into the room with light. The radiant heating system is represented by infrared and longwave heating. They are characterized by the emission spectrum and the temperature of the work item. Infrared heaters have a higher heating temperature, making them unsafe for residential use. Longwave obogrevates fire safe, gives a soft pleasant warm, so best for heating an apartment or a room in a private home. In addition to these species, as the heater in Modern apartment or house began to use underfloor heating. There are two ways to mount a warm floor: pipe-laying and laying teplokabelya. In the second method than the safest and most convenient because teplokabel not associated with central heating apartments. The disadvantages of using underfloor heating as the heater is its immobility and high cost. Acquainted with the common unit heaters can be begin to create a comfortable and reliable heating system at home.

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November 20th


Count Consumption
by Tam

In determining the estimated consumption by gravitating areas used the concept of transit, side, associated and concentrated costs. Transit flow qmp – consumption in the previous settlement area (area 20-21) lateral flow q6oK – consumption, coming from the lateral branches, the associated expense qnon – consumption coming from the adjoining district, centered on the consumption of non-residential facility qc. Concentrated flow qc of non-residential facility is defined as the sum of the estimated cost of wastewaters of different origin (eg, residential, industrial and shower), all of which are calculated respectively by formulas (3.18) (3.21) and (2.28). Distinguish local transit and concentrated costs. I. Local concentrated consumption – consumption of industrial plant, located on the adjoining quarter or part thereof (when tracing the network at a lower side of the quarter), is shown in Fig. 3.6, Column 1, the numbers are entered settlement sites on the movement of water from the neighborhoods, creating a favorable 5, side and transit costs, and in Count 3 – calculated from the sum of their squares F, ha.

Column 4 indicates a specific module for the area flow q0, l / (hundred). Column 5 are entered value of the average flow rate from all gravitating to this site area (and associated lateral) e ", w> l / sec. The transit rate in column 6 is the average flow rate in column 7 in the previous settlement site. Column 7 record qmidi s – sum of secondary side, and the associated transit costs, and in Count 9 – qmaxs – the maximum flow of domestic water on the current site. .

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June 24th


Innovative Energy Technologies
by Tam

Currently, the global economic crisis, one of the determining factors to reduce costs and increase competitiveness of the Russian economy is the implementation of activities conservation. Energy saving potential in our country is estimated 35% -50% of the total domestic consumption in Russia. Achieve a level of energy saving is possible due to various events, which are reflected in Energy Strategy of Russia until 2030. Specifically, the use of new materials and technologies for construction and renovation of buildings and structures, use of alternative power sources – solar batteries, wind generators and the like, the introduction of LED, energy-efficient lighting, various control devices and equipment modernization, generating electrical energy. About a third of the capacity is concentrated in the electric power network 0,4 kV class – the main source of energy for manufacturing, housing and communal services, social, cultural and community facilities, population, budgetary organizations, transportation, communications, construction industry. Energy-saving device 'ENEF10 +1' (www.doorwest.su) is used as the local (individual) voltage regulation and, simultaneously, is an inductive filter, preventing the penetration of the load of the network impulse high-frequency noise.

ESA 'ENEF10 +1' can be used as a sole means of a stabilized power supply for the manufacturing equipment, CNC shop equipment, office equipment, communications equipment and management, as well as to stabilize voltage in power networks of country cottages, country houses and farms. ESA 'ENEF10 +1' can be used as effective means of saving in any lighting networks, where the level exceeds the supply voltage is 220V, automatically limiting its value at a given level. The choice of modifying the ESA 'ENEF10 +1' is done within the parameters of your power supply: the magnitude of fluctuations in input voltage per phase, the differences in the nature of the load, and based on the optimal combination of parameters – 'The price of equipment / Payback investments in energy efficiency. " Using a professional approach to energy savings with the ESA 'ENEF10 +1', you can not only realize significant energy savings, but also extend the life of appliances and equipment, and also protect themselves from various emergency situations.

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September 22nd


Hanging Buildings
by Tam

Because of the low mechanical strength of a roof can damage even falling from the trees branches. And in this case is not without repair necessary. FRAME ATTIC Make rafters on the ceiling – a quick way to build a framework of traditional roofs. Small-caliber ROOF value of the roof for any building can not be overestimated. Most modern Developers perfectly aware of this and give "headdress" of his home no less attention than the "clothes" of its walls. However, this cautious approach does not always apply to small buildings such as hozblokov, Summer showers and other "nice" houses in the yard. "Where there is a roll of tar paper or stekloizola lying around, here and covered them" – often thought the owner, started the construction of another "small caliber" facilities.

Such approach has the right to exist. But you can go the other way. And having at hand all the same roll material. It suffices to show imagination and your roof will give you a different view. Box-Beams for Your Hanging LINE I built the house alone, so it was necessary to develop a design, easy to manufacture. A special problem is designing a roof. Build build one without aides easy.

They need support, and here – pull your. Be at the same time in two and sometimes three locations just a magician can. Do not break it? The author of this article shows by example that one person can also build a house. Sophisticated technology, special Accessories allow you to do this very effectively. Today he talks about how single-handedly built the roof. OUR ROOF – BLUE SKY! Make it part of the roof transparent – effective way to solve the problem of insufficient light house. They are often used by architects, designing buildings in areas with difficult terrain, buildings, surrounded by tall buildings in a dense forest, etc. But to make a transparent roof in place even with the warm climate, it is necessary to solve a number of architectural and engineering problems. Skylights What should be the attic window, to satisfy several requirements? After all, it is important to ensure good coverage of the premises (Without overheating in hot rooms) and effective ventilation. At the same time they should be comfortable to use and to be embedded in the roof. Slate – MATERIAL CHARACTER roof and facade – the person at home. They give it a complete individual species, and this is enough to critically approach the selection of roofing and finishing materials. And not just in terms of durability or efficiency. Becoming increasingly important properties such as appeal, compliance with sanitary norms, eco-friendliness. That all these qualities has natural slate. He all the more interesting that combines the possibility of using as a roof, and finishing material. Inconstancy of its structure, a different color and natural shine will add individuality, elegance and beauty of any roof or facade. Design options of homes using natural slate – an infinite set. Used for a variety of roofing slate tiles of different shapes. Depending on the coating is divided into universal, rectangular, decorative and so on. Consider some slate covers in detail.

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September 9th


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